Just a reminder, I’ve got a Google Hangouts livechat scheduled for this Friday, 7 pm MT.  I’ll be doing a quick reading and then answering questions.

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See you Friday!




March 5, 2018

Saw Black Panther again because my friends and I have decided that we like Wakanda better than reality. This time I really liked the blanket shields, and how important of a lesson it is to always make friends with your boyfriend’s battle rhino. I also noticed that Agent Ross is wearing a wedding band? Why do I notice these things? Sheesh.

Over the weekend I also completely binge-read not one but two novels with really happy endings. I’m thinking about what I would like to see in a romance novel, if I were going to write one. I haven’t read a ton of romance but I do have opinions.

Like I don’t have enough projects on my plate right now.

This may be the first and quite possibly the last time a movie I wrote a formal review for wins the Best Picture Oscar. See my review of The Shape of Water on Lightspeed.

This month’s issue of Lightspeed has my review of Black Panther.

And if that wasn’t enough I went back and watched Avengers last night. The first one.  That world has gotten so huge and big and complex that it’s a real trip going back and watching the start of it all. It’s very earnest, and there’s a sense that they hadn’t quite opened the throttle on it yet. They were happy just to get all the balls in the air and flowing smoothly. That first Avengers was juggling so much. And now, they’ve gone from juggling like 5 balls to juggling 12, and it looks just as smooth as it ever did.

There really isn’t enough escapism in the world for me right now. Which makes it all the more fortunate that I have the job I do. I’m just going to be over here thinking of stories and happy endings, thank you very much.


clearing the head

March 2, 2018

I had to get out this morning to clear my head. Yeah, that’ll do:

Bonus:  I finally found the local great blue heron rookery. There are herons present, prepping their nests. This is joyous to me.



February 28, 2018

Just a quick word on the film for thems what’s interested or are trying to decide about seeing it. It’s based on the Nebula-award winning novel by Jeff VanderMeer, which I have read.

The movie is very different. And it frustrated me.  A lot. Mostly because of its reliance on standard horror tropes which made it predictable, and the way in which it seemed to insist on making things concrete, when the book is very much rooted in ambiguity, impermanence, permeable boundaries, etc.  Like, the characters in the movie all have names, which really annoyed me.

I think if I hadn’t read the book first I would have had a very different experience watching it.

More, when I do my long review for Lightspeed.


TV catchup

February 26, 2018

I will never catch up on all the TV I want to watch. I just need to be resigned to that.

Altered Carbon:  Watched the first episode and haven’t heard anything that encourages me to watch further. So…much…cyberpunk…  and I think three dead women he’s pining over? I dunno.

The Flash:  I love how they’ve just gone full gonzo this season. Nothing makes sense. I like it anyway.

Runaways: It really feels YA and that’s a good thing and I liked it.

Legion and The Expanse are about to start back up. Star Wars: Rebels has aired but I haven’t seen it yet.

I decided to give up on The Orville. It wasn’t bad, I just wasn’t looking forward to it. I am, however, looking forward to catching up on Discovery, even though it’s kind of weird and upsetting. The second Mudd episode was kind of great. (That’s the most recent episode I’ve seen, so no spoilers, I’m way behind. That’s where the catching up comes in.)

And there’s all the stuff I haven’t watched. Babylon Berlin looks right up my alley in terms of style-heavy historical and I’ve heard good things. Britannia has been recommended to me. And is that right that Sean Bean has a new series?  I’ve also heard that I need to watch The Good Place but I’m a little scared to.

Peak TV. Argh.


Friday update

February 23, 2018

I have a sudden craving for deviled eggs. I have never made my own. Perhaps I should do so this weekend.

I finished reviewing page proofs for The Wild Dead this week, which means I could get back to writing new things, which makes me very, very happy. I have a couple of short story drafts and a new novel in progress. So many things. I wrote 5000 words in 2 days, which is A LOT for me. Wanna get this thing done.

And I can’t remember if I posted this or not, but here are my December movie reviews for Lightspeed. More movie reviews coming up: Downsizing and Black Panther are already written. After that:  Annihilation, A Wrinkle in Time, Pacific Rim 2, Avengers Infinity War, Ant Man and Wasp. Solo. Wow, it’s gonna be good year for movies, I hope.

Have a happy weekend!


I run this thought experiment every now and then:  what would it be like to watch TV with Thomas Jefferson? First off it’s a fun image. But it’s also a way to think on what the Founding Fathers might have thought about what the future looks like, especially the future of the U.S., when some of them weren’t sure their new country would even outlast them.

This week, because I’m very studiously avoiding politics, I’ve been watching the Olympics with Thomas Jefferson.

I think he’d be delighted with the entire concept of the Olympics — athletes around the world competing in the name of achievement and sportsmanship. (Yes, I know all the arguments about the Olympics being corrupt and a huge money sink. Let’s talk ideals here.)  For an Enlightenment-era thinker, a peaceful international sporting competition inspired by the ancient Greek games is pretty much the pinnacle of human accomplishment. He’d love it.

I think he’d be nonplussed at the sheer number of countries. Dozens and dozens of them. So many countries.

I think he’d also be nonplussed by the image of women competing in skintight outfits.  But I think he’d slowly come around when it’s explained to him how hard women had to fight to be able to compete at any sports at all. And I’d remind him that Abigail Adams would love it and be so proud of them.

Winter sports, however, would be kind of baffling in general. How many different ways can we find to go very fast on ice? Lots. Lots of ways.

And I think he’d be absolutely fascinated by electronic timekeeping. The ability to measure and compare speeds out to a hundredth of a second, instantaneously. He was a scientist on top of everything else he did, and in some ways that’s the most astonishing part of modern sports.