Two months til Bannerless is out! It’s available for preorder in all the usual places! This is my post-apocalyptic murder mystery. I’m anxious for this one to get out in the world — I really hope people like it!

I’ve got a few appearances coming up, just in case you haven’t seen them:

May 21, 4 pm: Colorado Book Awards Celebration at the Parker Arts, Culture and Events Center. Tickets $20. Amaryllis and Other Stories is up for the award in the genre category. This should be a good party!

June 5, 8 – 9:30 pm: Lighthouse Writers Workshop’s Lit Fest in Denver, I’ll be participating in a panel discussion: “Highbrow, Lowbrow, No Brow: Debating Literary Taste.” (I believe tickets are required, please see website.)

June 23-24:  I’m teaching at the Locus Writers Workshop in Seattle, along with Connie Willis. This is in conjunction with the Locus Awards, and I’m looking forward to making a weekend of it!


misc. and sundry

May 8, 2017

So last week turned into “I finished a draft of the book so therefore I must do all the things I’d been putting off while I was focused on finishing the book.” It did not go well and I got a little stressed out. But after a mini-break on Saturday and an hour in the hot tub, I did All the Things on Sunday.  Which felt great right up until I tried getting through my sewing pile, and the serger stopped cooperating, and it was 10 pm and I realized I couldn’t figure it out right then and it was time to collapse and read a book. (Bernard Cornwall’s The Last Kingdom, since I like the show so much. The book is EVEN BETTER.)

Today. I’ll finish the sewing today.

And then I’ve been thinking about Legion, most of which I’ve seen twice at this point, and Mr. Robot, and how similar their storytelling techniques are, postmodern and surreal. But they both also have main characters with pretty profound mental illnesses. But the shows aren’t about their illnesses. They’re about all these other things, with characters who happen to have mental illnesses.  I love that.

Okay. Gotta knock some things off the to do list. It never ends. And that’s okay.


Gonzo space opera is the best space opera. This may be the best gonzo space opera EVER.

So, this one’s a lot like the first one in that it’s simultaneously a really familiar story (Enemies become friends! Star Lord has a long-lost father! With superpowers! It ends badly!) but it also feels really new and amazing and visually fantastic. There’s stuff here I’ve never seen before.

This one’s also quite different than the first one. (Sensing a thing. GotG:  we take really familiar patterns and then frak with them.)  It’s slower paced, which seems weird but also works well, I think. Our team built a family in the last movie. In this one, they’re acknowledging that family and solidifying what that means.  Their core is now strong enough that they can start to look out and expand. There’s a lot of exposition, which I think works better when we already know the characters, because even if the pace is slow, we’re watching our beloved characters do their thing.

My very favorite thing was how the team looks after Baby Groot. Like, he’s an actual little kid, not just a small version of himself, and everyone is super aware of it, and they’re kind and nurturing and worried about him. In the middle of all the crazy gonzo universe-shattering action and revelation, it’s about the sweetest thing ever.  Yes, superhero movies don’t have be eternally dark and gritty!  Woohoo!

Also:  SO MANY EASTER EGGS. There’s a lot going on this. Even my comics guy friend who usually does the annotations on these things for me couldn’t keep up. I’m waiting for someone to do the shot-by-shot rundown.



May 3, 2017

That thing where you’ve been working on the same Word file for three months and even though you’re finished with it (for now) you keep trying to open it by reflex instead of the new thing you’re working on.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 tix acquired for tomorrow. I’m so excited! This has been a tough one to stay spoiler-free on. I’m even trying to stay spoiler free on the Awesome Mix so I can see the songs in situ as it were, before knowing what they are. (I’ll never forget how hysterical it was when Star Lord comes sweeping around on his jetpacks to the chorus of that awful Piña Colada song, which I never thought I would own because I hate it so much, but there it is.) In fact, I saw an ad for the new Awesome Mix, and accidentally glimpsed the first track listed, and it was like, “Hey Carrie, what song would you most like to see on the new Awesome Mix?” and it was that actual song, so I had to immediately hide the screen before I saw anything else.

I love being a fan of something. My fandoms are getting me through the current political climate.

And then, we have the diametric opposite of GotG Vol. 2, which is Alien: Covenant, a franchise that I’m so burned out on that I can’t even be bothered to really pay attention to the trailer. The thing looks dead to me. Not just dead, but smashed up roadkill that’s been driven over for a week and yet is somehow still recognizable as the squirrel that it used to be but you’re not even sad anymore, you’re just disgusted, and not even the crows and magpies will go near it.

So no, I’m not planning on seeing Alien: Covenant.


it’s a draft!

May 1, 2017

It’s a draft! The rough draft of Bannerless #2 is off to a first reader. I’m already making notes for the next revision, so it’s not technically finished yet. But it’s a coherent entity now, which is a big step.

This is one where I changed a bunch of names after I had finished writing. And it’s weird, because I think I knew the whole time the names weren’t working, but I didn’t want to take the time to think of new ones. Once it was finished, I could. So I changed them. (Thank goodness for search and replace.)

Like Bannerless, this is a murder mystery. Initially, I named the murder victim Hope. This led to a book full of phrases like “Hope is dead.” “Who killed Hope?” “What happened to Hope?” “Hope is gone.” And so on. I’m sure it has nothing to do with recent current events. At any rate, that name absolutely had to change.


Reminder:  It’s Independent Bookstore Day tomorrow, and I’ll be at Old Firehouse Books in Ft. Collins around 12-1 to celebrate as a “guest bookseller!” I worked at an independent bookstore (McKinzey-White in Colorado Springs) back in the day, and I try to support independents whenever I can and encourage everyone to do so as well! I always find treasures there.

Have a great weekend!


ditched work

April 26, 2017

Ditched work this morning to go birding at Barr Lake and got to hang out with this 3rd year juvenile bald eagle.