furnace weather

September 26, 2018

A sure sign of autumn in Colorado:  the furnace came on this morning. The house smells like heat. Time to get out sweaters, maybe.

In other news, yesterday I rather suddenly and unexpectedly finished the second of the 3/4 finished manuscripts from The Year of Stalled Projects. This feels a lot better than I was expecting. It means I have a novel draft. It’s no longer abandoned. I no longer have to worry about how I’m going to go back and piece together what I was trying to do, which gets harder the more time passes. Finishing this was an unexpected victory when I kind of needed one.

This one, I printed it off and read everything over, and much like the other one I could see exactly where I lost confidence in my entire career and started wandering around and not knowing what I was doing. I had 72,000 words, and it was so depressing to not have a complete thing out of all that. So. I cut about 12,000 words out of this one, and rewrote almost the whole second half, then took the voice/tone I had developed in that rewrite and went back over the first half, streamlining and pumping it up. I changed the title. I added chapter headers.

I sent it to my agent.

Now we wait, and now I figure out what to work on next.

Meanwhile, I’m beta reading something that would make lots of you jealous if I told you what it was, and Murphy’s Law of Library Holds means that my library holds all came in this week too. Which means maybe I should curl up with tea and books and just enjoy the fall weather.



This year, Emmy wants to be Crookshanks, Hermione Granger’s cat.

I broke three needles on this. But now I can check “fur suit” off the skills list.

I’m seriously considering trying to talk her into being an Ewok next year. Just a few tweaks…

so that Captain Marvel trailer

September 21, 2018

So the trailer for Captain Marvel, the next film in the MCU, has dropped.

Of course I love it. Was there even a question? I can’t get through it without crying out of sheer, emotional resonance.

As you all likely know by now, one of my favorite pet topics is women aviators. Carol is a pilot before she’s a superhero. And the fact that the trailer highlights that just. . . I’m so happy. It’s like they did all this just for me.

And there’s even more:  this shows her falling, and falling, and falling… and getting back up. Like, what is the primary trait we want people to know about this character?  She gets back up and goes back to the fight.

Here I go crying again.

One more thing. So, Wonder Woman was all about Diana being a woman hero, from an island of women, a woman in No Man’s Land, and so on. Her gender is a huge part of that movie and her identity and that’s great, we needed that.

Carol is a hero who is a woman. It’s a subtle difference. One of the many things I love about this trailer — her gender isn’t brought up at all. It’s just another thing, like the color of her hair or what hat she’s wearing. A hero who is a woman.  We’ve needed that, too.

It’s great. Just…. somebody hand me box of kleenex, gah.


and another story…

September 19, 2018

Another story announcement — I wasn’t sure when this one would be out, but it looks like November. Mechanical Animals, edited by Selena Chambers and Jason Heller, will include my story “Closer to the Sky.” It’s now available for preorder. Just follow the link.

This is a story about a girl and her horse. Given how much time I’ve spent with horses in my life, I don’t write about them very much. I’m not sure why. When my horse Rosie started getting sick I wrote several rather horrific stories about terrible things happening to horses (I was processing) — “The Librarian’s Daughter,” “A Hunter’s Ode to His Bait.”  “The Librarian’s Daughter” is ostensibly about a girl and her horse except it’s, you know, horrific.

But I actually consider “Closer to the Sky” my first real “girl and her horse” story.  It’s also a weird western.

So yeah, stories that I’ve sold over the last three years are now coming out all in the same handful of months. Weird!




September 17, 2018

I’m certain that my niece has been picking her Halloween costumes specifically to challenge me on sewing and craft skills I don’t have.

This year, it’s working with faux fur.

And not just faux fur, but the shaggiest faux fur I could find. That’s a 3-inch pile, y’all.

It’s a challenge to work with, but not as much of one as I thought it would be. (Knock on wood.) So far it’s a matter of making sure all the fur is brushed away from the edges before I sew seams. I’m about halfway done. I installed the zipper last night, which was daunting. But I think that’s the hardest bit. Fur this shaggy hides a lot of mistakes.

Mostly, and happily, this stuff is making me laugh. I finish a piece and it looks so silly and ridiculous and wonderful, I can’t stop laughing. I hope she likes it.

Can’t wait to show you pics of the finished thing.



It’s live! The latest Harry and Marlowe story is now up on Lightspeed! And if you’d like, buy the whole issue with a ton of great fiction!

Here it is:  Harry and Marlowe and the Secret of Ahomana.

And there’ll be another Harry and Marlowe story out next year as well.



signing this Friday!

September 12, 2018

Hey locals! This Friday I’m signing books and chatting with folks at Talking Books Plus in Lakewood!  Starting at 5 pm. Stop by and say hi!

Another reminder:  Fairwood Press is publishing a signed, limited edition of my novella PARANORMAL BROMANCE — it’ll be the story’s first time in print!  Head over to the website to get the special pre-order price.