Superhero Workshop

April 5, 2019

I’m teaching a Superhero workshop in June.

What I mean to say is I’m not, like, teaching superheroes. That would be weird.

I’m teaching an online workshop on how to write superhero fiction, over at the Academy for Wayward Writers.

I’ll be bringing all my experience with the Golden Age novels and Wild Cards to the table. Not to mention my ridiculous irrational love for the whole genre.

It’s June 15. Click on the link, check it out. Space is limited.



Happy Wednesday?

April 3, 2019

This week I’m waiting for emails. For people to get back to me about various things. I hate this part.

Meanwhile, the nice thing about being self-employed and waiting is I can very easily be the person who sits online for 3+ hours to get Avengers: Endgame opening-night tickets for all my friends. I’ll be your guy in the chair!

I’ve been working on a structural analysis of Avengers: Infinity War, mostly to try to work out, on a sheer mechanical level, how the film juggled that many characters. I’ve figured it out, I just need to find a pretty way to post about it.  I was hoping for diagrams, but that may not happen. But also…what clues are we missing? What can I predict about the second half of the story? Captain Marvel added a ton of clues. Well, maybe not a ton, but one big one that I think is going to be pivotal. In short, I think there’s some pretty savvy misdirection going on about how this is all going to work out, and we’re all going to look back and wonder how we missed it. I’ve been debating about whether to do a Big Post of Avengers Predictions, just to have some record I can point to and brag that I was right. Assuming I’m right. I may very well be wrong (except I want to point out that I did predict what happened to Coulson in Avengers based simply on Whedon’s fetish for impaling people). But I also don’t want to think TOO much about it ahead of time. Will ponder.

Argh, I can’t wait!

Reminder:  I’m posting some of my older, harder-to-find stories at Curious Fictions, along with posts about why and how I wrote them. Check it out, and if you feel like buying me a coffee or something, subscribe, or drop something in the tip jar! Thank you!


Monday, again

April 1, 2019

Was last week a rough week? Among my clan it feels like last week was a rough week, for no particular reason. Things just didn’t go smooth. Why can’t they go smooth?

Monday is always a chance to try to reboot and make things better. See if I can’t check some things off my list and make some progress.

Over the weekend I didn’t get much work done, but I did:

Go birding. The highlight was a Northern Harrier that swooped right in front of me.

Start a new big sewing project. I didn’t do any sewing for myself last year. But I’ve worked at organizing my craft space, found the fabric I got for this project almost two years ago, and decided that now’s the time. I’ll show you when I have something to show, but the first pieces have been cut. It’s completely frivolous and really only makes sense to me, and that’s okay.

Knitting. After not really knitting after the holidays, I’ve started up a couple of projects, and am going through my yarn stash looking for more. It feels good to be doing things with my hands again.

I hope very soon to announce some really cool things I’ve been working on that will be coming out over the next year or so. I know I keep saying that, and I know the vague-posting is annoying. But I don’t want to announce until I get some hard release dates we can mark on our calendars.

I hate waiting.

Meanwhile, this month’s Lightspeed reprints my story “The Lady of Shalott,” in which I rewrite the old story so that it finally makes sense.

Happy Monday!



March 28, 2019

The crocus are here! The crocus are here!  They’re a bit late — I blame the giant blizzard we had two weeks ago. But now they’re here like gangbusters, and one of my clematis is sprouting, and the aspen have buds on them, and, and…


I even went out in a T-shirt and no coat yesterday.

Of course, we’re supposed to have snow this weekend. But that’s okay. Spring is here. Can’t stop it now.


I’ve posted a story at Curious Fictions:  “Just Another Word” is about the time Janis Joplin met the Queen of Faerie. It originally appeared in Realms of Fantasy in 2010. Almost ten years ago. Sheesh. Don’t forget to subscribe to my page if you want to keep up with my stuff there, or if you feel like buying me a coffee, put a couple bucks in the tip jar. Or I might get a cup of tea. You get the idea. Thank you for reading!

My longish review of Mortal Engines is up on Lightspeed.  In a perfect world this would have been the giant beautiful steampunk epic we’ve all been waiting for, but it had a few too many problems and came just a few years too late to really hit. Also, it should have been a 10 episode series, probably.

There’s so much amazing new TV that everyone is talking about incessantly, and I just keep going back and watching 20 year old mystery series. I’m on Brother Cadfael, starring Derek Jacobi right now.  I’m not sure what it says about current events that I’m finding so much comfort in submerging myself in Norman England over these last couple of weeks.

Update!  One more link for you, just to remind you that Kitty/KNOB swag like t-shirts and coffee mugs exists and you can have some for your very own. Click on the link!


Unfettered III

March 20, 2019

New story this week!

The anthology Unfettered III, edited by Shawn Speakman, is out now.  It includes my story “Sidekick,” which is a superhero story that is also about working in an office. Sort of.

You may recall I had a story in the first Unfettered anthology a few years ago. “Game of Chance” did well, and I think this one will too.


more Robin of Sherwood

March 18, 2019

All right, I have binged the entirety of “Robin of Sherwood” in the space of about two weeks.

On one level, this show is deeply silly. Like, who knew there were so many Satanic cults hiding in so many medieval abbeys? So many witches, so many fur-covered Welsh barbarians. Was that a thing? And my memories of the show were that it was actually the god Herne watching over the band of outlaws, but no, it’s just a guy living in a cave wearing a deer head and everybody just goes along with it? Why?

And yet, the whole thing is so earnest and so full of heart. Well. It’s just lovely. I would still be watching if there were more episodes.

AND…I just know there’s some amazing slashfic out there involving, like, everyone, in every possible configuration, up to and including Old Robin/New Robin.

No, I don’t want links. It’s enough know it’s out there.