Thor: Ragnarok

November 3, 2017

Well, that was completely gonzo in all the best ways.

I don’t have all that much more to say, because I can’t really without giving things away. It’s great how this totally feels like it’s set in the same universe as Guardians of the Galaxy, with a ton of callbacks to a bunch of other Marvel movies. (I’m remembering the question in Civil War, “Do even you know where Thor and Dr. Banner are?”  They’re on another planet, mofos.)  I’m kind of sort of wishing the Doctor Strange movie didn’t exist (it doesn’t stand up to rewatching) and that this was our first introduction to the character, because whew would that be a kick. But it’s all the same universe without being forced, and that’s why I love the MCU.

What really impressed me is how it’s brushed with this 70’s sci-fi patina, like it came from the cover of an ELO album or Heavy Metal outtakes, and Mark Mothersbaugh (of Devo) did the score, so the whole movie is this really self-conscious, self-referential synth-disco thing that is  weird and out there and shouldn’t work but does.

Mostly, it’s an absolute joy watching Thor and Loki work together. I love them.

Marvel still has the villain problem. The monochromatic alien baddy, the villain who is an evil version of the hero, with all the same powers but just bad. Hela is visually wonderful (unlike poor Malakeith) but she literally comes out of nowhere.  It doesn’t detract from any of the rest of the movie. But it does get me thinking about how to build a better villain in these things.




November 1, 2017

Here’s my niece Emmy this past weekend:


I keep thinking this looks like it came out of a Wes Anderson movie.



October 30, 2017

Came together pretty well:

Next up:  Heihei, when I get pics in.


MileHi Con this weekend!

October 27, 2017

I’m going to be at MileHi Con all weekend. Woohoo!

And I just realized that I don’t have a single writing/publishing panel. It’s all fan and movie panels. Not complaining, I love chatting about geek anything. (The DC movie vs. TV panel was probably my favorite at Worldcon.) It’s just…how did that happen?!


Wednesday post & Voltron

October 25, 2017

Reminder:  This weekend is MileHi Con!  I’ll be there with elf ears on. No joke.

I’m writing a review of Geostorm for Lightspeed. Also no joke.  It was like a really bad episode of G.I. Joe. Which still makes it better than Prometheus.

And I’m all caught up on Netflix’s Voltron. Now isn’t that a trip?  The thing I think I like best:  what they’ve done with Pidge. Specifically, that Pidge is a girl. We don’t know that until partway through the first season — she’s in hiding while she searches for her lost family members. But once she’s outed, she doesn’t change. Usually the way this trope works is we find out that unassuming guy is really a girl in hiding, and then she suddenly grows her hair out and puts a dress on and everyone is so amazed that she’s actually so pretty, surprise!  Not here. Pidge doesn’t change at all. She looks, sounds, acts, exactly the same. She’s still the nerdy tech genius. Definitely not a token girl character because that was always Allura. And now we have two girls, which I think is great.


This is a movie about William Moulton Marston, the psychologist who created Wonder Woman, and the two women he made an unconventional family with. Spoiler:  Marston, was married to Elizabeth, but later started a relationship with a student, Olive Byrne.  Eventually they all lived together and both women had children fathered by Marston. They were all raging feminists.

I have to confess, I would have liked the movie a lot more if I hadn’t already read the definitive biography of the family, The Secret History of Wonder Woman, by Jill Lepore. To be fair, the movie isn’t based on the book, which isn’t at all mentioned in the credits. So I can’t really complain. But the movie basically took these people who really did exist and really did invent Wonder Woman, and used them to tell an entirely different story, a more conventional romance narrative, that isn’t at all accurate to what really happened, based on what I read in the book. I got annoyed. But people who hadn’t read the book first liked it just fine.

In my own opinion, the book is way more interesting. Read it.



October 20, 2017

So the interesting thing about Halloween these days is I do so much costuming throughout the year that I don’t even think of anything special for Halloween. If I happen to be doing something for the holiday that requires a costume, I just look in my costume closet and decide what to wear.

Emmy’s Heihei costume arrived. It fits, and she appears to love it. Success!  But wow, the bar’s going to be really high for me from here out. That thing upped my skill level.

And it looks like Galadriel is go for this year. I just have the sleeves, facing, and finishing left to do. The serger is making it so nice! I don’t know that I would even attempt stuff like this without it.