I’ve been interviewed by lots of various online venues.  I’ve tried to collect them here.  (I know there are a few more — let me know what I missed.  Some of the links I thought were there have died.)

2015 and later: (earlier on the bottom, later toward the top)

Five Things I Learned Writing The Wild Dead – at Chuck Wendig: Terrible Minds

“Dickheads” Podcast about winning the Philip K. Dick Award

Interview about The Wild Dead

“Reading With…” at Shelf-Awareness

Wild Cards World: That Time My Brother and I did Wild Cards Cosplay But Couldn’t Leave the House

Read for Pixels Google Hangout Interview

Interview at PaulSemel.com

SciFi Bulletin: “Ripple Effect,” or why I write about war the way I do.

Speculative Chic: My Favorite Things

Interview at Clarkesworld

Interview at PaulSemel.com

Over at the Wild Cards official website, I write about Dr. Tachyon: my favorite character not created by me.

Geeks Guide to the Galaxy: Taboo (the TV show)

George R.R. Martin interviews me at the Jean Cocteau Cinema

Interview at Unbound Worlds

Writers Read: Jan 2017

Five Books That Make Living and Working in Space Seem Ordinary

Iain M. Banks’ Use of Weapons and Extreme Sense of Wonder

Writing For My Kid Self (Martians Abroad post)

I write about Martians Abroad for Barnes and Noble

Carrie’s Reddit AMA

Interview with Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing.

My talk at the Tattered Cover on August 5, 2015.

The Denver Post feature — cover of the Sunday Arts section!

Deadly Destinations: Guide to Denver

Geeks Guide to the Galaxy — listen to me gush about Mad Max: Fury Road

Westword Interview

The Book Quarry Interview

Santa Fe Reporter Interview

Fabulous and Fun Interview

Variety Radio Online at DragonCon

2014 and earlier: (got tired of trying to sort, so now it’s just chronological)

All Things Urban Fantasy

Amberkatze’s Book Blog

Amberkatze’s Book Blog #2

Amberkatze’s Book Blog #3

Bitten by Books

Bitten by Books (2)

Bitten by Books – podcast

Blogging the Muse

Book Butterfly

Book Chick City

Book Chick City (2)

Bookyurt (video)


Buzzymedia video interview

Daily Dose

Deviant Divas

Dungeon Crawlers Radio (interview autoplays)


Fantasy Hvratska (YouTube interview)

Feminism in Sci Fi

Galaxy Bookshop

Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy Podcast

Grand Central’s Blogtalk Radio Interview

Inkpop:  Writer’s Block


KUNC Radio

living read girl

Love Vampires

MediaBlvd Magazine

McNally Robinson

Mind of the Geek (audio)

My Bookish Ways

Nocturne Romance

The Odyssey Workshop Livejournal

The Official Time-Waster’s Guide

Panic View


Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist

Reading on the Dark Side

RT Book Reviews Message From the Author

Sci Fi Wire

SFFWRTCH Interview Transcript

Suvudu video interview

Tor.com, Greg van Eekhout and I talk about writing for young audiences

Underground Online

Wicked Little Pixie

Wild Cards Online

YA Addict

Essays and Guest Blog Posts

Carrie’s Big Idea at John Scalzi’s Whatever – Kitty and the Dead Man’s Hand

“Folklore and Kitty” and Myth, The Universe, and Everything

“Kick Ass Heroines” at Novel Thoughts

“How Do You Write a Kick-Ass Series” at Divas of the Dark

The Page 99 Test for Kitty and the Silver Bullet

Largehearted Boy Booknotes Essay on the playlist for Kitty Raises Hell.

Guest Blog at Magical Musings

Book Chick City Where Stories are Made

Bitten by Books:  My First Dragon

Bitten by Books:  Shapeshifters Everywhere

Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist:  Authorial Responsibility

RT Book Reviews Author Spotlight

The Big Idea – Discord’s Apple

Timeline of a Trend – Tor.com

The Page 69 test on Discord’s Apple

I gush about Steven Erikson on Writers Read

Seven Things I’ve Learned So Far

On researching Chinatown

Eating Authors

The Inevitable Conversion of an Author on My Ethereality

Kitty’s Take on London at Deadly Destinations

The Norton Award at Slatebreakers

How I Learned to Stop Grumbling and Love Vampires

Geeks Guide to the Galaxy — movie panel


2 Responses to “Interviews with Carrie, Essays by Carrie”

  1. SweetShelly Says:

    i love the way you write 😉

  2. Kina Morales Says:

    That’s a lot of interviews I am looking forward to reading.

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