Worldcon Helsinki!

August 9, 2017

Worldcon Helsinki starts today!

Let’s do this thing! Adventure ho!



Worldcon Schedule

August 7, 2017

This week I’m at the 75th Worldcon in Helsinki. Woooooo!!!

Here’s my official convention schedule:

  • Romance and the Power of the Female Gaze:  Thursday 15:00 – 16:00, 208 (Messukeskus):  Romance novels out-sell science fiction and fantasy novels all over the world. How important is the “female gaze” in SF novels and do the best sellers in SF reflect this?

(I’m looking forward to this, because this is one of those topics where I expect to learn tremendously from my fellow panelists.)

  • DC on Screen Now: Friday 12:00 – 13:00, 102 (Messukeskus): There is a huge divide in the way the DC movies and TV shows work – DC’s superheros tend to work better on a smaller screen. The panelists talk about these, compare, contrast and critique.

(Yes, this panel has ME written all over it. Do I have opinions? Oh yes I do. I’ll be your guy in a chair.)

  • Signing: Carrie Vaughn:  Saturday 11:00 – 12:00, Signing area (Messukeskus)

(What it says on the tin. Really looking forward to the chance to chat with people.)

It’s a light schedule, which I’m actually looking forward to because it means more time enjoying the convention. And the Hugo Awards are Friday night! If you see me around, unless it looks like I’m rushing off, I’m usually happy to stop and chat and sign books on the fly.

Worldcon ho!


Monday thoughts!

July 31, 2017

BANNERLESS has been out for three weeks.  Woohoooooo!!!!!

I’ll be working on revising Bannerless #2 (and I think we just about have a title for it!) when I get back from my Helsinki trip.

Which means….It’s time to figure out what I’ll be working on next!  Answer:  I don’t know.  I made a list of novel projects I could possible work on.  These are all ideas I have notes for, if not experimental chapters written and so forth.

What I came up with:  Fifteen. That’s fifteen potential book-length — or in a couple of cases trilogy-length — projects I have living in my brain right now.

This is why I am pretty much constantly distracted.


Wednesday update

July 19, 2017

I’m still, slowly, unwinding and putting my brain back together from my week of A) new book release yay! and B) turning in new new book wah!  It’s taking a long time for my brain to clean itself out, but it’s happening. I’m even able to sort of start getting ready for the next round of travel. And do some relaxing. Finish up knitting projects, that sort of thing. I should probably clean house.

Last night’s event at Barnes and Noble went great! We even had a real Irish Wolfhound attend! So many people and so much fun!

Here’s my long review of Wonder Woman, with a couple of bouts of analysis of what historical settings mean and why it’s been so hard to get a viable superhero movie featuring a woman main character.

My take on the New Doctor announcement. Meh? I know it should be more than that, particularly with the casting of a woman, but I stopped watching Doctor Who regularly a few years ago. I’ve heard this last year, post-Clara, has been quite good, and maybe I’ll try to catch up and watch the new doctor. But I’ve got so much to watch right now. At any rate, I’m happy to see changes in the show and I’m happy that so many people are happy. I like Jodie Whittaker, and if you haven’t seen Attack the Block, which features both her and John Boyega, you totally should. Like, right now.


Just a reminder, Kevin Hearne and I are doing a joint event at the Barnes & Noble in Boulder on Tuesday, July 18. Come visit!



July 12, 2017

It’s finally here!  My post-apocalyptic murder mystery, BANNERLESS, hit bookstores yesterday. (And amusingly, one of its Amazon categories is “Women Sleuths.” I like that.) Early buzz is good, and my FB feed yesterday filled with cover images, which is nice.

Lots of links to share:

It’s also the book birthday for Kevin Hearne’s new Iron Druid book BESIEGED, and we’ll be doing a joint event at the Barnes and Noble in Boulder on July 18!

Here’s my newsletter announcement.  Sign up for my newsletter and get release announcements and other tidbits!

The editor’s announcement has all the links for buying, plus lots of reviews.

Clarkesworld published an interview with me about the novel.

BANNERLESS made a number of “must-read SF in July” lists:  B&N’s Bookseller picks, The Verge, and io9.

Here’s an in-depth 5 star review from Anthony R. Cardno.

This is my 21st published novel.

And I just turned in number 22.



My next novel, BANNERLESS, is out in one week:


Read an excerpt of it here.

And here’s a review and interview in the Daily Camera.

This month’s Lightspeed also has an interview and excerpt.