I wrote a play!

August 29, 2016

I wrote a play.  A short play, about 15 minutes or so, called “Simulation.”  The theater department at Linfield College in McMinneville, OR, where my brother works as TD will be staging it in a few weeks, Sept 22-24.

It’s so exciting because Rob and I did a bunch of theater together in high school (I have a picture of us somewhere in South Pacific — he was a singing dancing sailor and I was a singing dancing nurse), and we’ve talked for years about working on a show together that I would write.  And now it’s happening, at least on a small scale.  Maybe the start of something bigger?  Hmmm….

I’m planning on being there for the performances.  If you’re in the area — you’re invited, too!  For more information check out the Linfield Theater Dept. website.

linfield 2016 season

I am home.  Worldcon was successful.  As usual, sold many books, met many people.  I got to go to George R.R. Martin’s famous Hugo Losers Party, which was quite epic.  Game of Thrones themed alcoholic ice cream shots, y’all.

Realized I have spent the last four Tuesdays driving 10+ hours across the Great Plains, back and forth and back and forth.  I’ll not be doing that again for awhile.

This last trip I read The Starry Rift by James Tiptree Jr., and it was delightful, and made a full yard of two-colored lucet cord.

And now, I’m going to need some sleep.


Amaryllis cover test 6.indd

I mentioned that Fairwood Press is having a launch party at 8 pm on Friday at Worldcon.  I’m bringing cookies!  Amaryllis isn’t the only book Fairwood is launching at Worldcon, so it’s a really great excuse for a party.  If you can’t make Worldcon, all the books are available from Fairwood’s website.


On the Eyeball Floor cover 9.indd

Besides my own Amaryllis, Tina Connolly and Caroline M. Yoachim also have short story collections out from Fairwood:  On the Eyeball Floor and Seven Wonders of a Once and Future World.7 Wonders cover full 15.indd







Traveler or Worlds FULL cover TEST.indd

Alvaro Zinos-Amaro has a collection of interviews with the legendary Robert Silverberg:  Traveler of Worlds.  (Silverberg will be at Worldcon, I believe — wouldn’t it be lovely to get him to sign the book?)






And Patrick’s latest novel, The Ultra Big Sleep (sequel to The Ultra Thin Man). Noir space opera!






Patrick published some of my favorite early stories when he was editing the fabulous short fiction magazine Talebones, and I’m just so pleased to be part of his book family now.


At long last, here it is.  Most of my stuff is concentrated on Thursday and Friday, but I’ll be around all weekend.  It’s a big weekend:  we’re celebrating the launch of Amaryllis and Other Stories as well as the newest Wild Cards novel, High Stakes (I’m not in this one, but Earth Witch is!).  I’m looking forward to seeing people with new books in hand!


1 pm:  Signing at the Fairwood Press table in the Dealers Room.  I’ll be dropping in throughout the weekend to sign Amaryllis and Other Stories.

3-4 pm (15:00 – 16:00):  Kaffeeklatsch, 2211 (KKs) (Kansas City Convention Center)  Folks generally need to sign up for these ahead of time.


10-10:30 am:  Reading, 2202 (Readings) (Kansas City Convention Center)

12-1 pm (12:00 – 13:00):  Adult and YA Fiction: The Once and Future Teen Friday, 2207 (Kansas City Convention Center)

2-3 pm (14:00 – 15:00):  The Steampunk Explosion, 3501H (Kansas City Convention Center)

5-8 pm (17:00 – 20:00):  Rainy Day Books Wild Cards Signing Event for the release of High Stakes.  Count Basie Ballroom (Kansas City Marriott Downtown)  REQUIRES ADVANCED TICKET, which includes purchase of High StakesSee the website for event procedures.  (Note — I’m going to have to leave early so won’t be there the whole 3 hours.)

8 pm:  Fairwood Press Book Release Party, in the party area of the Exhibit Hall.  You can buy Amaryllis and all of Fairwood’s new titles here, and I’ll be on hand to sign.  Secret:  I’m also baking a bunch of cookies.  Come and partake!


10:00 – 11:00 am, The Place of Bookstores.  2204 (Kansas City Convention Center)

3-4 pm (15:00 – 16:00), Superheroes: Oversaturated or Raising the Bar?  2503A (Kansas City Convention Center).  So, it turns out Kurt Busiek is also a panelist on this one.  Talking about one of my favorite topics with one of my favorite creators of said topic?  MASSIVE SQUEE.

5-6 pm (17:00 – 18:00), Lightspeed Magazine Group Reading, 2202 (Readings) (Kansas City Convention Center)


3-4 pm (15:00 – 16:00), Autographing, Autographing Space (Kansas City Convention Center)

And I think that’s it.  Please let me not have forgotten anything or left anything out…



catching up

August 12, 2016

That’s a lie.  I will never catch up.  Those last few emails will never get answered.

On the plus side, my Ghostbusters review went live on Lightspeed.  I went the historical context route this time.

My travels to Pennsic were good.  Driving across the midwest on I-80 is challenging.  I have a five day turn around before I leave for Worldcon, and too much to do.  So of course revision notes on Bannerless and galley corrections for Martian Abroad landed this week.  Huzzah!

I’ll post my schedule next week.  It’s gonna be hella busy.

Meanwhile, here’s one of my favorite things from Pennsic:

nine days wonder

I danced with them for two of the days.


adventure month!

August 1, 2016

I’m going to be spending a big chunk of August on the road, so my posts might start getting a bit light for a couple of weeks.  Worldcon is in Kansas City, MO, and I’ve decided to DRIVE there!  I may yet regret that decision, but I think it’ll be fun and different.  I’ve already got a list of books to pick up in the dealer’s room, since with a car I can actually bring home  a ton of books.  I’m hoping to get my schedule soon so I can post it, so those of you going to the con can find me.

For SCA peeps:  I’m also going to Pennsic for the first time in a dozen years.  I plan on having a bunch of fun with my new decked-out canvas tent and mostly just relaxing and enjoying the environment.  I’m trying to work out a specific time when I’ll be hanging out with a friend at Merchant’s Row where people can find me if they want to come say hi.  More details later if I can work out the details.

In the meantime…ADVENTURE HO!  I hope to come back with many fine stories.


ego shelf

July 22, 2016

Most writers have an ego shelf.  The shelf where they put all the stuff they’ve been published in.  I finally took a recent picture of mine:

ego shelf

So yeah, I guess I’m up to ego cases these days.  This is 15+ years of work.  I’ve been a little busy.



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