I’ve posted a story at Curious Fictions:  “Just Another Word” is about the time Janis Joplin met the Queen of Faerie. It originally appeared in Realms of Fantasy in 2010. Almost ten years ago. Sheesh. Don’t forget to subscribe to my page if you want to keep up with my stuff there, or if you feel like buying me a coffee, put a couple bucks in the tip jar. Or I might get a cup of tea. You get the idea. Thank you for reading!

My longish review of Mortal Engines is up on Lightspeed.  In a perfect world this would have been the giant beautiful steampunk epic we’ve all been waiting for, but it had a few too many problems and came just a few years too late to really hit. Also, it should have been a 10 episode series, probably.

There’s so much amazing new TV that everyone is talking about incessantly, and I just keep going back and watching 20 year old mystery series. I’m on Brother Cadfael, starring Derek Jacobi right now.  I’m not sure what it says about current events that I’m finding so much comfort in submerging myself in Norman England over these last couple of weeks.

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more Robin of Sherwood

March 18, 2019

All right, I have binged the entirety of “Robin of Sherwood” in the space of about two weeks.

On one level, this show is deeply silly. Like, who knew there were so many Satanic cults hiding in so many medieval abbeys? So many witches, so many fur-covered Welsh barbarians. Was that a thing? And my memories of the show were that it was actually the god Herne watching over the band of outlaws, but no, it’s just a guy living in a cave wearing a deer head and everybody just goes along with it? Why?

And yet, the whole thing is so earnest and so full of heart. Well. It’s just lovely. I would still be watching if there were more episodes.

AND…I just know there’s some amazing slashfic out there involving, like, everyone, in every possible configuration, up to and including Old Robin/New Robin.

No, I don’t want links. It’s enough know it’s out there.


Robin of Sherwood

March 1, 2019

I’m still on my Robin Hood obsession. On my fourth novel and now starting in on movies.

So, this. Robin of Sherwood, the British TV series from the early 80’s that was absolutely iconic for many of my generation. The Clannad music. Michael Praed’s pretty, pretty mullet. The weird paganism. I was always aware of the show — it aired in the U.S. on PBS or on Showtime or something like that. I didn’t watch it with any kind of consistency, but I caught a few episodes here and there. The thing about this show is you really only need to catch a few episodes for it to imprint hard. You never forget it.

Turns out it’s streaming on Amazon Prime. So… I’ve watched a few episodes, for the first time in probably 30 years. How does it hold up?

It’s delightful. I’m enjoying it immensely. The weird paganism is still weird, the birdsong is so loud like all the time, and it seems to anticipate some of the Robin Hood tropes that have become standard since then:  a Muslim character, the narcissistic and sadistic Sheriff ala Alan Rickman but half a decade earlier, and so on.  Or is this how some of those tropes entered the mainstream? Hmm….

But what I like most is the hugging. There’s so much hugging and back slapping and hair ruffling and so on among the Merry Men and it’s just so pleasant. These people like each other!  There’s an episode where Will Scarlet, played by a young and burly and kind of hot Ray Winstone, declares to the gang, almost tearfully, “I would give my life for every single one of you.”

So that’s why I’m going to keep watching, to spend time with these endearing people who really care about each other, because apparently that’s my thing now.



January 29, 2019

Yesterday was my birthday!

I had a pretty mello day, mostly staying in and keeping warm and drinking wine.

And watching the first episode of season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery. I thought I could stay away but it keeps dragging me back in! Mostly because I wanted to see what Captain Pike is all about.

I realized, though, that Tilly perfectly embodies all of my feelings about the show. Like, she’s adorable and great and I love her! But what’s her actual job on the ship? Like, she’s an ensign, in a training program, but she’s on the bridge and doesn’t seem to have an actual post, and now she’s in engineering, and now she’s in charge of mission-critical projects and giving orders and things, and I don’t really understand any of this and none of it makes a lick of sense…


Babylon 5 rewatch again

December 11, 2018

Comet TV is broadcasting Babylon 5 and I’ve been dipping into it now and then because it’s SO GOOD and I just can’t look away. So this technically isn’t a real rewatch, but a sort-of rewatch.  And it’s another show where I just like hanging out with these people. Sheridan is so relentlessly cheerful, in contrast to nearly every other sci fi captain on television, and I’m appreciating that more and more.

This time around, I’m noticing the show’s spirituality and metaphysics, which I guess I’ve always noticed before but for some reason it’s standing out to me this time.  On the one hand it’s an easy way to plot (a. There is a prophecy. b. Is the prophecy fulfilled and how? c. Plot!)  But I think the show does enough with the subject in other ways — lots of individual spiritual journeys (Ivanova mourning her father, Stephen’s Walkabout), the presence of actual religious figures, showing religion incorporated into everyday life for both humans and aliens. And this overall idea that religion and spirituality should be something that helps people deal with life, and if it doesn’t — if it becomes dogmatic and prescriptive — then it fails.

And now I’m suddenly comparing/contrasting with The Last Kingdom. One of the things I love about that show is its depiction of early medieval Christianity and how completely wrapped up in politics it was, and then tangled up with Danish paganism, with Uhtred smack in the middle of everything.

Meaty stuff.



another check in

November 30, 2018

I’m rewriting this novel draft for the third time and I really hope I’m fixing it this time. It’s eating my brain so substantive posts are going to have to wait.

Finished season 3 of The Last Kingdom and I love it.  Aethelflaed. OMG. Lots of great women characters on the show, in fact.

I gave up on season 3 of Daredevil, and am missing why a bunch of people are saying it’s the best Marvel Netflix season yet, because it kind of isn’t. Glacial pacing, nonsensical plotting. Ugh.

Meanwhile, and until I finish this rewrite, I have reduced all my TV watching to this feeder cam in Panama.



November 23, 2018

Okay, so, the real reason I was avoiding The Good Place was that I knew if it was as good as everyone said it was — seriously, a friend who doesn’t like anything loves the show — I knew at some point it would rope me in and then emotionally devastate me in a way I couldn’t predict or prepare for. I’ve had a rough few months and I didn’t want to be emotionally devastated. Hence the endless Midsomer Murders binge. (Thank god there’s 20 seasons of that show, right?)

Let the record state that it happened, The Good Place frakking got me, Season 2 episodes 9 and 10. The party on the lawn after the neighborhood was abandoned, I just started bawling and didn’t really stop through the rest of the season.

And now I will take a break and wait for Season 3 to finish so I can watch it all at once.

Meanwhile, The Last Kingdom has new episodes, so I will be in 8th century England watching hyper-gory shield wall battles and thinking about how our Saxon ancestors would think SCA folk are absolutely insane for doing shield wall battles for fun.