Couple of announcements:  My Black Panther review is live on Lightspeed, along with a review by Violet Allen. A two-fer!

Reminder that tonight at 7 pm MT I’m doing a live Google Hangouts, with a reading and Q&A, so stop on by and ask questions.  Here’s the channel.

And I saw A Wrinkle in Time.  It’s. . .not very good.  I’m not sure I’ve ever been this sad that a movie is not very good. Like, I usually get angry. But this one, I’m just sad. I’m probably not being fair the film — I have a feeling it’s going to change some 10 year old’s life because it’s going to be the exact thing they need to see at the right time. But that’s part of the problem — it feels like it’s aimed at 10 year olds.

To be brief, there’s way too much exposition, the pacing is off, the plot is disconnected, and the emotional core just wasn’t there. It’s very pretty, at least.



a new story! and others

February 7, 2018

One of the things I’ve been waiting on is being able to share this:

Where Would You Be Now is a new story of mine on  It’s a prequel to Bannerless by about 60 years, and features a side character from the novel.  I’m pretty excited about it and hope you like it.

A couple of other things:

Here’s a new interview with me, mostly about Martians Abroad and The Wild Dead.

On March 3 I’m going to be at the Colorado Book Festival, signing books and speaking on a panel.

And on March 9 I’m taking part in a Google Hangouts reading and Q&A in support of Read for Pixels, which works to end violence against women. The link goes to the full schedule and instructions.

So yeah, keepin’ busy.



February 2, 2018

Just a couple of links to share:

This month’s issue of Lightspeed includes my December movie reviews: The Shape of Water, The Man Who Invented Christmas, and The Last Jedi.  I feel like I’ve talked about all these movies a lot, but the fun challenge of writing these reviews is to arrange my thoughts in a compact and cogent form that also maybe says something about the genre, the tropes, the movie’s thematic cohesiveness, and so on.  I think just about every movie is saying something, whether it means to or not, and I always like to try to suss out what that is.

The February issue of Locus Magazine has a cover interview with me.  I knew this was on the way. What I didn’t expect was that I’d be sharing the cover with Ursula K. Le Guin’s obituary. I’m a kind of a mess over that, especially since in the interview I talk about Le Guin’s influence on me — namely, writing across genres, writing anything and everything, and not really worrying about categories.  If I ever have even a fraction of the career she did…

Also included in the issue is the 2017 Recommended Reading List. Just in time to get some reading in as award-nominating season starts.  I have two works on the list: my short story “I Have Been Drowned in Rain,”  and Bannerless, the little novel that could. I need to go back and check, but I think this is the first time one of my novels has made the Locus Recommended list. So you know, there’s always more milestones to cross.


appearances update

January 19, 2018

Looks like I’ll be heading to Norwescon, March 29-April 1, Seattle WA. The Philip K. Dick Awards announcements are there on March 30, and I’d love to be there for it. I just can’t say no to a good party, and this looks like a good one.

And I’m headed to the Denver Women’s March tomorrow, snow or no. We’ll keep this up for as long as we need to, to promote a path of inclusiveness and compassion.


Wednesday update

January 17, 2018

I almost typed in “Monday Update.” So I’m at that stage of post-travel recovery where I’m not sure what day of the week it is. I got home to an email box full of things I needed to reply to or do RIGHT NOW and I’m a little flustered.

Also, I’m trying to decide if I’m actually getting sick or if I’m just still dehydrated and exhausted. Fun times!

I had a good time at MarsCon!  And I got some really big news while I was away:  Bannerless is a finalist for the Philip K. Dick Award. I’m so honored and blown away by this I hardly know how to respond. I got the email with the news while I was sitting alone in the Charlotte airport waiting for a connecting flight, and it was all I could do to not burst into tears. So I bought a big bag of chocolate instead.

There’s a lot I like about the writing business. One of the things I don’t like is waiting.  You send out a story or book on submission. And then you wait. You get a thing in the publication pipeline. And then you wait. This is where indie publishers jump in and say “If you did everything yourself you wouldn’t have to wait!” Ah, but if I did everything myself I wouldn’t have quite so much time to write the next thing…  The best antidote for waiting is to work on the next thing. This is part of why I come across as being so prolific.  I’m waiting on a lot of stuff right now. And I’m working on maybe six different things? Yeah, about that many. There’s a lot to look forward to this year, I think.





January 10, 2018

So it turns out the paperback of MARTIANS ABROAD isn’t coming out until April. I was working on old information. Apologies for the confusion. Apparently no one is more confused than me.

Actually, Colorado weather might be more confused. It rained today.

Anyway — see you at MarsCon in a couple days!


news of the week

January 8, 2018

This week sees the paperback release of Martians Abroad (link goes to NPR review).

Also this week, I’ll be Author Guest of Honor at MarsCon in Williamsburg, Virginia. (Note — an East Coast visit!)

COINCIDENCE?!? I think not.

So I’ve gotten through a few more episodes of both The Orville and Star Trek Discovery (still not caught up on either one, though) and I’ve decided something. I think I would like The Orville better if it really was branded Star Trek, and I would like Discovery better if it wasn’t. Strange, but there it is. A Star Trek entirely about the goofy barely competent but totally Starfleet-earnest D team? I’m so there.  An SF space opera about a war-torn future in which a bunch of really unpleasant scientists are trying to develop status-quo changing technology? Again, I’m so there.  But as it is…with both of them it’s like I keep expecting to be drinking apple juice but getting grapefruit juice instead. Not necessarily bad, just… not quite right.

I also think everyone on Discovery should get honorary Emmys for be able to say “spore drive” with a straight face.