news of the week

January 8, 2018

This week sees the paperback release of Martians Abroad (link goes to NPR review).

Also this week, I’ll be Author Guest of Honor at MarsCon in Williamsburg, Virginia. (Note — an East Coast visit!)

COINCIDENCE?!? I think not.

So I’ve gotten through a few more episodes of both The Orville and Star Trek Discovery (still not caught up on either one, though) and I’ve decided something. I think I would like The Orville better if it really was branded Star Trek, and I would like Discovery better if it wasn’t. Strange, but there it is. A Star Trek entirely about the goofy barely competent but totally Starfleet-earnest D team? I’m so there.  An SF space opera about a war-torn future in which a bunch of really unpleasant scientists are trying to develop status-quo changing technology? Again, I’m so there.  But as it is…with both of them it’s like I keep expecting to be drinking apple juice but getting grapefruit juice instead. Not necessarily bad, just… not quite right.

I also think everyone on Discovery should get honorary Emmys for be able to say “spore drive” with a straight face.



2017 in review

December 20, 2017

What ho, it’s that time of year again when I list all the stuff I did this year, for easy reference. Once again, I’ve been busy:


Martians Abroad. I consider this YA even if it wasn’t technically published that way. From Tor Books, January 2017.

Bannerless. From Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, July 2017. The sequel, The Wild Dead, will be out in July 2018.

Refuge of Dragons. The e-book sequel to Voices of Dragons, published March 2017.


“A Big Break in the Small Time,” as part of Wild Cards: Mississippi Roll, from Tor Books, December 2017.

Short Stories

“Dead Men in Central City, Asimov’s Science Fiction, Sept/Oct. 2017

“The Evening of Their Span of Days,” Infinity Wars, ed. Jonathan Strahan, Solaris Books, September 2017.

“Bellum Romanum,” Urban Enemies, ed. Joseph Nassise, Gallery Books, August 1, 2017.

“I Have Been Drowned in Rain”, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, April 2017.

“Alchemy,”, March 2017, as part of the Nevertheless, She Persisted compilation.

“Redcap,” Nightmare Magazine, January 2017.

A special and entirely self-serving note in regard to anyone using this list to help with award nominations:  This year’s Hugo Awards will once again include a Best Series Hugo. There are some pretty specific requirements for a series to be eligible, including one that there be a new installment in the series that year. The Kitty Norville Series wasn’t eligible last year because I wrapped up the novels the year before. I admit, I was kind of bummed.

This year, however, I have two short stories set in the world:  “Dead Men in Central City” is about vampire Rick, and “Bellum Romanum” is the origin story of Kitty’s long-time nemesis, Roman. So the series is eligible this year. Just sayin’.



December 13, 2017

Reminder!  I’ll be the Author Guest of Honor at MarsCon in Williamsburg, Virginia, January 12-14. See, I do make it out to the East Coast every now and then!  I hope to see some of you there!


This week, the new Wild Cards novel Mississippi Roll is out! This includes my story, “A Big Break in the Small Time,” in which my character Wild Fox has become a lounge singer in love. Wild Cards has a reputation for being incredibly dark and grim at times, so I really love doing these lighter, comic stories. This world is so big and flexible, there’s definitely room for both.  This is the first book in what we’re calling The American Triad, checking in on some other parts of the country.

The latest novel of The Expanse by James S.A. Corey is also out this week:  Persepolis Rising. I like the TV show a whole lot. I love the books. This latest one. . .I’m plugging it because it does something I don’t think I’ve ever seen a space opera do. I hesitate to say what because it involves the entire arc of the book, and the thrill of discovery is part of the fun. It impressed the hell out of me.

And in case you haven’t picked it up yet. . .the e-book of Bannerless is on sale this month for $2.99!

So many books. . .



November 24, 2017

Loscon is happening…like right now! Right this very minute!

The schedule is available here.

Now excuse me while I go Guest of Honor the place up!



upcoming events/appearances

November 6, 2017

Lots of stuff coming up. Gonna be a busy end of the year, and that’s okay!

Saturday, November 11 I’ll be at the Book Bar in Denver as part of the brand-new Science Fiction Reading series. I’ll likely be reading from Bannerless.

The November issue of Lightspeed, including my in-depth review of Blade Runner 2049, is now available for purchase. My review goes live next week.

Thanksgiving weekend, I’m Guest of Honor at Loscon, which should be a huge amount of fun.

And January 12-14 I’m Guest of Honor at MarsCon in Williamsburg, Virginia, which should also be fun. And it’s East Coast! Don’t say I never get out to the east coast, y’all!

I’ve got a bunch more stuff lined up for 2018, and 2019 is starting to fill up, including three more Guest of Honor slots I haven’t announced yet (!!!).

I’ve also got a new Harry and Marlowe story in the pipeline, and I’m very excited about that.

I get asked a lot, “What are you working on now?”  Well, what am I not working on!

And I need to figure out what movies I’m reviewing next, oh yes…


MileHi Con this weekend!

October 27, 2017

I’m going to be at MileHi Con all weekend. Woohoo!

And I just realized that I don’t have a single writing/publishing panel. It’s all fan and movie panels. Not complaining, I love chatting about geek anything. (The DC movie vs. TV panel was probably my favorite at Worldcon.) It’s just…how did that happen?!