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My novella about the foibles of Gen-X vampire roommates (written well before What We Do in the Shadows I might add!) now has an audiobook version!  Here’s the page at audio publisher Tantor, and here’s the Audible link.

Publishers Weekly has reviewed THE WILD DEAD, which will be out in just over a month.

SoonerCon is June 22-24, and they’ve just posted my schedule on the site.

Things are settling down a bit, which is good, because I was going a little crazy there. Don’t worry, the crazy will start back up soon!



The ebook of Bannerless is going to be on sale for $2.99 one day, Sunday. So if you’ve been waiting for a sale… this is it! Go go go!  Here’s a link to editor John Joseph Adams’ page for the book, which has links to all the ebook retailers of your choosing.

My reviews of Annihilation and A Wrinkle in Time are up on Lightspeed.

In other news, Amazon is shutting down Kindle Worlds, their licensed fanfic arm, surprising pretty much no one. They never really promoted the platform to readers. Ultimately, I think there are too many established fanfic platforms out there, getting people onto this one was a struggle. Amazon failed to monopolize something, y’all.

But I do have two G.I. Joe stories up there, and if you’ve thought about trying them out, now’s your chance because they’ll be gone soon.

“That Famous Silent Issue” features Scarlett and Snake Eyes rescuing a diplomat without ever speaking a word.

“Luck Be a Lady” features Lady Jaye and Cover Girl battling Baroness on the streets of Las Vegas. And a cameo by a ridiculous scummy casino mogul named Eugene Tramp who it turns out is a shill for Cobra! Like that could ever happen in real life…


June’s going to be busy:

I’ll be on programming at Denver Comic Con on Friday and Saturday. The con is June 15-17.

I’m a Guest of Honor at SoonerCon in Oklahoma, June 22-24.

And right in the middle there I’m a guest lecturer at Taos Toolbox.

Seriously, I don’t mean to schedule everything all at the same time…


Wednesday update

May 2, 2018

This week I had the honor of being the first interview subject on the Dickheads Podcast — in which the podcasters are reading all of Philip K. Dick’s novels in publication order, and we talked about my PKD Award winning novel BANNERLESS. (never gets old saying that)

Here’s the link on Soundcloud.

And on YouTube.

And the May issue of Lightspeed has my reviews of Annihilation and A Wrinkle in Time.

It’s raining here in Colorado, which is nice. It finally smells like spring. But it’s also making me want to hibernate. So I may just go do that.


Monday update!

April 23, 2018

Just got back from diving in Key Largo. The weather was perfect, and it was snowing at home, which makes it all the better. Highlights: some big nurse sharks, some people-sized grouper, and a dancing lobster. So many things to see!

My review of “Downsizing” is live on Lighstpeed.

And my copies of the paperback edition of Martians Abroad arrived. They’re on sale tomorrow! Now, back to work!

Well that was unexpected.

Bannerless won the Philip K. Dick Award at Norwescon this past weekend. I didn’t write a speech, because, well. I’m really happy and grateful and excited and humbled by this. Norwescon put on a great party and I got to hang out with and get to know some of the other nominees, including Deji Bryce Olukotun, whose book After the Flare won the Special Citation. My brother Rob was there as my plus one which made it all the more special.

Lately I’ve been doing the math on my career — I sold my first pro short story in 1999, so it’ll be twenty years next year.

And I’m still going strong, it seems.

Onward and upward!


Norwescon this weekend

March 28, 2018

Just a reminder, I’ll be at Norwescon this weekend. Most of my programming, including a signing and a reading, is on Saturday and Sunday. Friday is the Philip K. Dick Awards, which Bannerless is a finalist for.

And I just got ARC’s for The Wild Dead.

And I’m heading into the homestretch on the current novel manuscript. So of course I’m going to be traveling in the middle of it. If I seem a little distracted over the next couple of weeks, that’s why.

Onward ho!