Colorado Book Award 2017

March 13, 2017

Amaryllis and Other Stories is a nominee for the 2017 Colorado Book Award, in the genre fiction category.  Some nice egoboo for the week, and a boost for my little small press collection. Winners announced at the end of May, I think.

In other news:  I’ve got my plane tickets to Helsinki.  I’m going to Worldcon in August.  Woohoo!

I’m also taking a week-long layover in Iceland, and planning that trip has been daunting. There’s a lot to see, and it turns out many hotels/guesthouses/etc. are already nearly booked up.  But I think I’ve got my plans worked out.  And yes, there will definitely be some riding involved. Because Icelandic horses!!! I’m so excited!

Any advice on other sights to see? Birds to watch?


links and horror

March 10, 2017

This week I participated in “Nevertheless, She Persisted,” a flash-fiction anthology event over at My own entry is called “Alchemy.”

Applications for the Odyssey Fantasy Writing Workshop are now open. Deadline’s in a couple of weeks.  This is the workshop I attended at the start of my career. Almost twenty years ago now?  Eeek!

A lo, behold the horror when you finally get a new infuser basket for your teapot and you realize the true nature of what you’ve been drinking out of:

Yeah, probably should have done that a while ago.


library event tomorrow

February 17, 2017

Reminder: I’m doing a library event with Kevin Hearne in Denver!  Check the website for details.

When I did my viewing roundup I forgot to mention that season 2 of The Expanse has started, and it’s kicking ass and taking names.  BOBBIE DRAPER IS IN THE SPACESHIP.  And yes, my big spaceship fetish is well pleased.


And now I think I’ll step outside and get some sunlight.


event next week!

February 10, 2017

Kevin Hearne and I are doing a thing next week!  Check it out!


working, working

January 25, 2017

Over the last two months I’ve written two short stories and 20k words of novel.  Seeing as how the six months before that was mostly post-production on Bannerless and Martians Abroad and a couple of side projects, that seems like a huge accomplishment.  Feels good to be writing new words again.

Reminder:  This Sunday 1 pm I’ll be at the Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe. It’s a ticketed event, check the website for more info.

I’ve got another piece up on, this one about Five Books That Make Living and Working in Space Seem Ordinary.  Definitely where I get some of my inspiration.

And just a week left in the first month of the year. It already seems like so much has happened.  Gotta keep going.  Onward and upward.


new things!

January 18, 2017

I have a new book out!  But you probably knew that.  I’ve been trying to make an effort to talk up my stuff online a little more.  Is it working?

It’s a really busy week!  I don’t just have a new book out, I have a new short story on Nightmare Magazine!  “Redcap” is about how all those books about fairies talk about the murderous solitary Redcap who dips his hat in fresh blood, and then have pictures of a cute little gnome with a bright cherry-red hat.  A hat dipped in blood would not be bright cherry red.  It would be really gross.  Read it and find out how gross.

The first of a couple of blog posts I have coming up on is live:  I talk about Iain M. Banks’ Use of Weapons and sense of wonder.


Reports have been coming in of MARTIANS ABROAD spotted in the wild.  IT’S A BOOK!!!!

A reminder, here’s my schedule of events for the next month:

Tuesday, January 17, 7:00 PM, I’ll be reading and signing at the LoDo branch of the Tattered Cover in Denver.

Thursday, January 19, 7:00 PM, I’ll be reading and signing at Old Firehouse Books in Fort Collins.

Sunday, January 22, I’ll be at COSine, an SF convention in Colorado Springs.  There will be books for sale here.

Sunday, January 29, 1 pm, I’ll be speaking and signing at the Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe.  This is such a lovely spot for an event, come check it out!

Saturday, February 18, 2:30 pm at the Park Hill Branch of the Denver Library, I’ll be doing an event with the lovely Kevin Hearne. Books will be available for sale and signing.