Here’s your infrequent reminder that I put out an infrequent e-newsletter, and I decided that it was a good idea to publish one in the direct aftermath of the most important presidential election of my lifetime. Because in 2020, timing is a fool’s game.

You can see it here, and subscribe if you like.

I’m told that e-newsletters are one of the most important and effective marketing tools a writer can use, but I haven’t really figured out how to make it all work yet. It is a nice way to consolidate news, and this one is a pretty good summary of the work I did in 2020. Enjoy!



recent posts

October 22, 2020

I’ve done a number of posts for other sites promoting Kitty’s Mix-Tape and other sundry items. Here are some of them:

At John Scalzi’s blog I talk about The Big Idea behind the new collection.

At Mary Robinette Kowal’s site, I reveal My Favorite Bit about it.

And finally, over at the Official Wild Cards Site, I describe how I research writing historical fiction. I’m currently working on a story for Wild Cards set in 1961 (project to be announced), so this was a timely piece.



Capclave Online

October 15, 2020

This weekend is Virtual Capclave! I’m scheduled for panels, readings, and I’ll be hosing a book launch party for Kitty’s Mix-Tape! I’ll bring mimosas and donuts that I won’t be able to share, alas.

They’ve got special $10 online memberships available, so if you can stand one more virtual event, you might give it a try!


Upcoming events

October 7, 2020

I have a few virtual events coming up:

This Friday, Kevin Hearne and I will be chatting about our new books, courtesy of the BookBar. Sign up for the Crowdcast event here.

October 17-18 is virtual Capclave. All the usual convention activities — panels, readings, etc. — but you don’t have to change out of your PJ’s! (I will probably go ahead and change out of my PJ’s.) I’ll also be hosting a release party for Kitty’s Mix Tape!

October 23-25 is virtual MileHi Con. Same deal! check it out!

Well, this month is turning out to be pretty busy!


I’ve got a bookstore event scheduled! Hurrah!

It’s online, but still.

October 9, 7 pm MT, Kevin Hearne and I will be hosted by Book Bar, chatting about our new books. Kevin and I have done joint events before and always have a fun time. It’s actually pretty cool that this time, attendance will not be limited by geography. Onward ho, into the future!

Click here to sign up.


Here I am reading from the first story Kitty’s Mix Tape:  “Kitty Walks on By, Calls Your Name.”

I’m still giggling that no one made me change that title.

The book is due out in October in print, ebook, and audio. Click for more info.


The Locksley Chronicles

September 3, 2020

Here they are, both together! Isn’t that a good looking set of books? The picture even gets the metallic sheen on the covers!


Available in print, e-book, and audio!

The Ghosts of Sherwood

The Heirs of Locksley



link roundup

August 31, 2020

Lots to share this morning:

“Dirt and Destiny: A Regency Tale.” I posted this to Curious Fiction — never before published! I wrote this a long time ago and read it out loud at a couple of events, but it’s never seen print. Until now! What happens when you cross Jane Austen with Robert E. Howard? And why has no one asked this question before? If you feel like contributing to my Irish whiskey fund, please consider adding to the tip jar!

“The Hunstman and the Beast.” My genderflipped retelling of Beauty and the Beast is reprinted at Lightspeed Magazine.

Also at Lightspeed this month is my long review of the Amazon TV series “Upload,” which I liked a whole lot.

Over at I write a bit about my current pile of reading.

You have four days left to get in on the Kickstarter for Uncanny Magazine Year Seven — which will include a story by me!

And… Wild Cards XI: Dealer’s Choice is back in print after thirty years, with a new cover. I love these Michael Komarck covers so much…

It’s been a busy couple of weeks around here! Let’s see what we’ve got:

The August issue of Lightspeed includes my review of the Amazon Prime show Upload.  And also a reprint of my gender-flipped fairy tale retelling, “The Huntsman and the Beast.”  My pieces go live later in the month, or you can buy the whole issue right now.

I had a conversation with the Writers Drinking Coffee podcast.

And here’s a written interview with the Los Angeles Public Library.

Virtual Worldcon went well, I think. Technical glitches were to be expected, and I think I should probably get myself a new webcam. But each of my panels had 100+ virtual attendees, which seems huge to me! The convention also had a Discord channel, where people could go after each panel to chat, and where we could pop in on virtual bars and consuites. I got to video chat with some of the folks I’d normally see at a convention, and that was really nice. I came out of it with the same to-be-read list I usually leave a convention with.

An online convention is better than no convention at all, and the current video chat and webinar technology makes it all surprisingly doable. Which is good, because I have two more virtual conventions this year — MileHi Con and Capclave have both moved online.

Maybe I’ll “see” you there!



The Heirs of Locksley

August 3, 2020

The Heirs of Locksley, the second of my novellas about Robin Hood and Lady Marian’s children, is due out tomorrow. I did a reading!

Available in print and ebook from, and also on audio!