a post of many links

May 15, 2019

So many links today!

This weekend, I’m Guest of Honor at KeyCon in Winnipeg!  I’ve got panels and signings and all the usual cool stuff!

Tor.com has a brand-new Wild Cards story:  “Long is the Way,” written by me and Sage Walker, featuring her character Zoe Harris. Check it out!

And there’s a new podcast interview with me up at Beyond the Trope.

Keeping busy around here…



Reminder:  In less than two weeks I’ll be Guest of Honor at Keycon in Winnipeg! See you there?

Birding Big Day ended up being pretty mellow. I had other things going on that day and was in a new park — where, unbeknownst to me, “Family Fun Day” had been scheduled. So…many…giant…strollers…  Only 33 species total. BUT… my original plan of spending all day at Walden Ponds, the place where I bird the most, to see how many species I can get there? Still gonna do it, just on my own schedule.

Learning to cook:  My “learn to cook” quest has been going about ten years, and I’m pretty solid. I’ve done Thanksgiving dinners, I’ve cooked for 12 at a writers’ retreat. But I checked off another skill this weekend:  I had a couple of ingredients that needed using up before they went bad — onions and bell peppers — and I had all the stuff on hand to make something nice with them.

See, this is one of the skills that people don’t really talk about, that you’re just supposed to know, but you can’t really cook successfully without it. And that’s knowing what to stock as a matter of course, knowing what to have in the cupboard so that you can reliably make tasty meals from scratch. Not even the staples, but the ingredients that hold the staples together. Tomato sauce, broth, lemon juice, heavy cream, garlic, what spices you’re always going to use, and so on.

I seem to have accomplished having a reliably stocked pantry so that I can almost always put something nice together. And that feels pretty good.


new stories!

May 2, 2019

Out now:  the reissue of Wild Cards 9: Jokertown Shuffle! This has new stories by me and Cherie Priest.  “Unraveling” stars Lady Black and is something of a sequel to my story in #8, One-Eyed Jacks. I gotta tell you, this book is probably the darkest entry in the whole Wild Cards series, but it sets up some amazing stuff that will happen in the next couple of volumes.

I think I’ve had a new story out every month for about seven months running now. How cool is that?

My latest post on Curious Fictions is “In Time,” my story about Emily Dickinson and her dog, Carlo. This story frequently makes people cry, I’m told. It originally appeared in Talebones Magazine.

And this Saturday is the Cornell Lab of Birds Global Big Day, when birders all over the world try to log as many different bird species as possible in a 24 hour period. This will be my fourth year participating. I like the challenge of it, and taking part in such a massive citizen science project. I’m going to a new (to me) area this year, so let’s see what I can find!


LeVar Burton Reads!

April 24, 2019

A couple of big things this week. What am I saying, LOTS of big things this week!

First, my short story “The Best We Can” is featured on the podcast LeVar Burton Reads.

That’s right, LeVar Burton reads my story. Not just that, he gets my story and what I was trying to do with it. And he links it back to Star Trek. I’m gushing over here.

And next, I can finally announce that my novella, “The Ghosts of Sherwood,” and a sequel has been acquired by Tor.com Publishing and will be out next year. See, all that Robin Hood obsession was being channeled and now has an outlet. Working on these has made me so happy and I hope you like them too.

And… my next blog post will be about Avengers: Endgame. I rewatched Infinity War last night. I’ve been pondering. I’m not going to make any predictions. Well, not too many predictions. Two things:  I think Thanos interpreted the instructions to get the Soul Stone badly. The instructions were “lose what you love,” not kill, and I think this is going to bite him in the ass. And second:  the Tesseract. Carol Danvers is linked to the Tesseract. This might be important.

We’ll just have to wait and see. Two more days…


Look, I’m on the cover!

“Gremlin” is a novella, my family saga about women pilots from 1943 to 2003 and far, far into the future.

BookBar appearance Friday

April 17, 2019

Late-breaking appearance!

An anthology I’m part of, Mechanical Animals, ed. by Selena Chambers and Jason Heller, is up for the Colorado Book Award in the Anthology category. I’ll be representing it and doing a reading at the Colorado Book Award Reading Series at the BookBar in Denver this Friday, 7 pm. See you there?  Books and wine, people! Books and wine!

All the info is at the BookBar website.



Monday, again

April 1, 2019

Was last week a rough week? Among my clan it feels like last week was a rough week, for no particular reason. Things just didn’t go smooth. Why can’t they go smooth?

Monday is always a chance to try to reboot and make things better. See if I can’t check some things off my list and make some progress.

Over the weekend I didn’t get much work done, but I did:

Go birding. The highlight was a Northern Harrier that swooped right in front of me.

Start a new big sewing project. I didn’t do any sewing for myself last year. But I’ve worked at organizing my craft space, found the fabric I got for this project almost two years ago, and decided that now’s the time. I’ll show you when I have something to show, but the first pieces have been cut. It’s completely frivolous and really only makes sense to me, and that’s okay.

Knitting. After not really knitting after the holidays, I’ve started up a couple of projects, and am going through my yarn stash looking for more. It feels good to be doing things with my hands again.

I hope very soon to announce some really cool things I’ve been working on that will be coming out over the next year or so. I know I keep saying that, and I know the vague-posting is annoying. But I don’t want to announce until I get some hard release dates we can mark on our calendars.

I hate waiting.

Meanwhile, this month’s Lightspeed reprints my story “The Lady of Shalott,” in which I rewrite the old story so that it finally makes sense.

Happy Monday!