What did I do this summer? I got two new Cormac and Amelia novellas ready to go, y’all! We’ve got ghosts and blizzards and folk singers and murder and cryptid hunters and mermaids in landlocked Colorado. Whew!

FATAL STORM is out in November, CHARMED WATERS in December. Kindle and Nook pre-order links are here:

Fatal Storm:



Charmed Waters:



state of the week

August 24, 2021

Guess who finally had to get a Covid test after avoiding it for 18 months? That’s right, it’s me! Bit of a scare, but the test came back negative and it turns out I’ve got something going on with my sinuses instead. But that was a really not fun couple of days there. Whew.

Mask up, folks. Get the vax if you’re able.

In happier news, I’ve got some stuff coming up! On August 31, I’ll be having a virtual chat with author Brian Naslund, and we’ll be talking books and writing and all that good stuff.

Sign up at this Eventbrite link.


August 18, 2021

I don’t think I had this on any of my schedules because I’m still really out of practice with this whole self-promotion thing, but I’m participating in Virtual Bubonicon this weekend. We’ll be doing some panels and other events on Facebook and YouTube on Friday and Saturday, so check it out!

And in just a couple of weeks is in-person Marcon.

I’ll get back into the swing of things at some point…maybe…


August 5, 2021

Big step, y’all: I’ve got an in-person convention scheduled for September 3-5.

MarCon, near Columbus Ohio. This is the convention where I was scheduled to be Guest of Honor last spring. We’ve rolled that into September, so now I really get to be Guest of Honor!

Not gonna lie, it feels little like ripping off the band-aid. Getting there will be my first time on an airplane in almost two years, for my first in-person con in almost two years. I can do it, it’ll be fine. I spoke to an author friend who’s already done several small conventions this summer, and he said that they’ve been going well, people are being careful, and he’s felt good about it. So let’s do this.

I’m excited and also daunted. And yes, I’ll be wearing a mask. The con is requiring them, for which I’m grateful.

I’m also really looking forward to seeing people. I think I’m ready.

This Thursday, Strong Women Strange Worlds is hosting a reading — and I’m one of the participants!

Sign up at this link.

I’ll be reading a bit from QUESTLAND. “See” you there!

my dice!

June 25, 2021

In an effort to establish my gaming cred…BEHOLD, my dice collection.

It turns out I like little tiny dice. Mini dice. SO CUTE.

But my faves are probably the tiny D6’s, which are made of wood. Very old school, and perfect for D6 systems. Showing my age here but my favorite system is still probably the old West End Games Star Wars system. So simple and intuitive. Good stuff.

happy Questland day!

June 22, 2021

QUESTLAND is out today! Finally! It feels like this one took a really long time to get to this point.

How long, you ask? Well.

I’ve mentioned in a couple of interviews that I’ve been thinking of this story for a very long time, and had an early novella version that I ended up trunking. And how weirdly enough, the story is much more topical and relevant than it ever was before, what with the mainstreaming of geek culture and the rise of the eccentric tech billionaire and so on, so it’s probably good it’s coming out now rather than then.

I got curious, so I dug into my archives to figure out just how long I’ve had this idea, and how long I’ve been working on it. Drum roll, please:

March 2003.

That’s the date of the file that has Addie as the main character, working with ex-special forces mercenaries to infiltrate a fantasy island. The story changed a lot in the interim, as most stories do. But the opening scene of that file is in QUESTLAND, rewritten at the prose level but pretty much the same in terms of plot.

Eighteen years. No wonder it doesn’t quite feel real, that this story is finally out in the wild.


Questland – events!

June 18, 2021

QUESTLAND is due out real soon now! That link has ordering info.

I’ve got some events scheduled — all virtual, which has the benefit that anyone can attend from anywhere. We debated about trying an in person event, but decided the stress and uncertainty would make the whole thing less fun. So virtual it is.

Thursday, June 24, 6 pm MT, the Tattered Cover is hosting a livestream with me.

Monday, June 28, 6 pm MT, with Old Firehouse Books, we have a special event: I’ll be in conversation with Marjorie Liu, and talking about her new short story collection, The Tangleroot Palace. Marjorie and I go way back and I’m really looking forward to this.

Old Firehouse Books has a stack of signed bookplates, and I’m planning a trip to Tattered Cover to sign stock for them, so my signature will be available if you order directly from those stores.

Thank you!

new short story

June 10, 2021

Things are happening!

First, I’ve got a brand-new short story up at Tor.com: “An Easy Job” stars Graff, my space opera hedonist cyborg, whom I just love. It’s a prequel to “Sinew and Steel,” which means in this new one Graff is still operating in secrecy, which turns out to be double plus not fun in this situation. Go read!

QUESTLAND is just a couple of weeks away and the notices are rolling in. It got a great mention in 5280, Denver’s glossy lifestyle magazine. It’s really cool to be in a list of “Colorado Creatives,” and also among other kinds of books and works I don’t normally get listed with.

It’s also part of Tor.com’s roundup of new fantasy novels due out in June 2021. This is great because QUESTLAND isn’t actually fantasy, even though it has a dragon and unicorn on the cover and the story sort of operates as a fantasy story. But it’s very near future and deals with the technology that would be required to make that story happen. I’ve always loved blurring the line between fantasy and science fiction, and I sort of purposefully blasted through that line with this one. I hope it confuses people.

Questland buzz!

June 1, 2021

This is one of those weeks where I have a busted showerhead and a busted cupboard hinge and a busted sprinkler valve and then I discovered a dead animal in a window well and… that’s just too much. Gonna go take a nap or something.

Meanwhile, QUESTLAND is starting to make its way out in the world.

Here’s the Transfer Orbit newsletter featuring it front and center: “Think Ready Player One, but not dumb” may be one of my favorite reviews of all time.

It’s also a Top Pick in SF&F at Amazon.

Soon, soon my pretties, it’ll be a real-live book!