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I mentioned that Fairwood Press is having a launch party at 8 pm on Friday at Worldcon.  I’m bringing cookies!  Amaryllis isn’t the only book Fairwood is launching at Worldcon, so it’s a really great excuse for a party.  If you can’t make Worldcon, all the books are available from Fairwood’s website.


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Besides my own Amaryllis, Tina Connolly and Caroline M. Yoachim also have short story collections out from Fairwood:  On the Eyeball Floor and Seven Wonders of a Once and Future World.7 Wonders cover full 15.indd







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Alvaro Zinos-Amaro has a collection of interviews with the legendary Robert Silverberg:  Traveler of Worlds.  (Silverberg will be at Worldcon, I believe — wouldn’t it be lovely to get him to sign the book?)






And Patrick’s latest novel, The Ultra Big Sleep (sequel to The Ultra Thin Man). Noir space opera!






Patrick published some of my favorite early stories when he was editing the fabulous short fiction magazine Talebones, and I’m just so pleased to be part of his book family now.


At long last, here it is.  Most of my stuff is concentrated on Thursday and Friday, but I’ll be around all weekend.  It’s a big weekend:  we’re celebrating the launch of Amaryllis and Other Stories as well as the newest Wild Cards novel, High Stakes (I’m not in this one, but Earth Witch is!).  I’m looking forward to seeing people with new books in hand!


1 pm:  Signing at the Fairwood Press table in the Dealers Room.  I’ll be dropping in throughout the weekend to sign Amaryllis and Other Stories.

3-4 pm (15:00 – 16:00):  Kaffeeklatsch, 2211 (KKs) (Kansas City Convention Center)  Folks generally need to sign up for these ahead of time.


10-10:30 am:  Reading, 2202 (Readings) (Kansas City Convention Center)

12-1 pm (12:00 – 13:00):  Adult and YA Fiction: The Once and Future Teen Friday, 2207 (Kansas City Convention Center)

2-3 pm (14:00 – 15:00):  The Steampunk Explosion, 3501H (Kansas City Convention Center)

5-8 pm (17:00 – 20:00):  Rainy Day Books Wild Cards Signing Event for the release of High Stakes.  Count Basie Ballroom (Kansas City Marriott Downtown)  REQUIRES ADVANCED TICKET, which includes purchase of High StakesSee the website for event procedures.  (Note — I’m going to have to leave early so won’t be there the whole 3 hours.)

8 pm:  Fairwood Press Book Release Party, in the party area of the Exhibit Hall.  You can buy Amaryllis and all of Fairwood’s new titles here, and I’ll be on hand to sign.  Secret:  I’m also baking a bunch of cookies.  Come and partake!


10:00 – 11:00 am, The Place of Bookstores.  2204 (Kansas City Convention Center)

3-4 pm (15:00 – 16:00), Superheroes: Oversaturated or Raising the Bar?  2503A (Kansas City Convention Center).  So, it turns out Kurt Busiek is also a panelist on this one.  Talking about one of my favorite topics with one of my favorite creators of said topic?  MASSIVE SQUEE.

5-6 pm (17:00 – 18:00), Lightspeed Magazine Group Reading, 2202 (Readings) (Kansas City Convention Center)


3-4 pm (15:00 – 16:00), Autographing, Autographing Space (Kansas City Convention Center)

And I think that’s it.  Please let me not have forgotten anything or left anything out…



it’s a book!

July 29, 2016

My copies of Amaryllis and Other Stories have arrived!  YOUR copies should be shipping in a couple of weeks, assuming you pre-ordered!

amaryllis box

Another thing that dropped this week that you should check out:  Urban Allies, edited by Joseph Nassise.  You know how people are always saying that I should collaborate with [insert name of popular urban fantasy author here] so that we can write a team-up between Kitty and [author’s famous character]?  You don’t know?  Well, it’s actually a really common thing that people ask about, that in most cases just isn’t feasible.  But Joe’s put together a whole anthology of team-ups.  I wrote a story with Diana Rowland, teaming Kitty up with her White-Trash Zombie character Angel Crawford.  If this idea intrigues you you should definitely check it out.

Sneak preview:  I’m in Joe’s next anthology, which is a whole book of stories told from the point of view of various urban fantasy authors’ villains.  And yes, I’m writing a story about Roman…


Hey guys!  Next week, we’re having a big Wild Cards group event at the Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Sunday July 24, 2 pm.  I’ll be there!  So will George R.R. Martin and I think 19 authors total. I’m really looking forward to hanging out with everyone.  There is a ticket fee — or, you can buy a book!  There’ll be plenty for sale and this will be an excellent opportunity to get as many signatures as possible.  Check the event link there for details.

It’ll be a zippy whirlwind weekend away for me, and the start of about four weeks of travel.  I’m actually looking forward to it — many adventures await.  I just hope I can get everything done this week like I need to, like revise my newest Wild Cards story, get my next newsletter out, vote for the Hugos, and so on, and so on…

And I’m so glad the new Ghostbusters film did well this weekend.  Maybe we’ll get more, now that the origin story is out of the way…


Don’t forget:  Denver Comic Con tomorrow.  My schedule.  It’s gonna be epic.

The state of the desk right now is that I am away from it.  In addition to DCC, my brother and his family are visiting and there is much adventuring happening.  Niece Emmy and I went to ride TinyHorse yesterday, and she’s big enough now that she got to trot for a little bit.  How fun is that?  She wasn’t even scared.

In the meantime, I’m just not getting work done and that’s okay.  I have a bunch of deadlines in July.  I can worry about those later.

But hey, Martians Abroad, my near-Earth space opera that’s gone through a bunch of title changes and is due out in January, has pre-order pages up at various retailers now.  Hooray, it’s finally a real book!  Oh, and the copyedits for it are one of the things I’m not doing this week…er…  July!  It’ll all be done by July!


It’s going to be a packed day for me.  I’m on three panels and I have a couple autographing times.  I don’t want to hear from anyone that they couldn’t find me, after all this!

All these are on Saturday:

10:30 am, Room 506/7, Homage: The Impact of Sci Fi Pop Culture on Writing

1 pm, Room 506/7, The Writing Process of Bestsellers. (I believe my co-panelists on this are Terry Brooks and Kevin Hearne, so it promises to be a really good time.)

2:45, Room 502/3,  Steampunk:  Beyond Gears and Cogs

3:50-4:50, Signing Booth PP16  (The Tattered Cover will have a booth nearby and should also have copies for sale.)

I’ll also be signing at the WordFire Press booth (#287 I believe) at 11:30 and 5 pm.  (They should also have some books for sale.)

And then I will likely collapse…  But in the meantime I plan to gawk at some great costumes and do some geeky shopping and show my brother around his very first huge-scale convention.  Woohoo!


finally, summer!

June 10, 2016

Yes, summer is here!  I know because I almost passed out after riding the Boy yesterday.  That first really hot day always gets me.  I’m better now.  Now it’s time to go hiking and sit outside reading books and enjoying the hell out of it so next January I can remember what warm is like.

Reminder:  Amaryllis and Other Stories is available for pre-order at Fairwood Press.  It’ll be released in August — we’re debuting it at Worldcon in Kansas City!

OspreyCam:  The surviving baby and parents are doing great.  Little guy is growing fast.  I love checking in with these guys.  I’ve visited the nest in person, too, but it’s tough to see much from the ground so I love the camera.

I saw Warcraft.  Because reasons.  I’m writing a long review of it for Lightspeed and I’m having so much fun with it.  Partway into the movie my friend leaned over and said, “Does this seem cumbersome to you?”  “No,” I shot back.  “It’s adorable.”  Since I’m pretty sure “adorable” is not what the filmmakers were going for, make of that what you will.

The schedule for Denver Comic Con has been posted.  I’ll post my own schedule next week, so you’ll know exactly where to find me.

And now, I’m deep in revision mode on the new novel and a new Wild Cards short story.  Trying to finish before family visits next week.  *girds loins and gets back to it*



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