snow and sundry

February 11, 2020

Remember when I complained about not getting any snow for two months? Well, we’ve had 10 inches so far in February. Like the skies flipped a switch or something. The thing is, now we’re getting the typical Colorado pattern:  a day of heavy snow, then a day of clear, beautiful blue skies and sunshine. It’s that beautiful winter sun sparkling on all that fresh snow that I’ve been missing. Ahhh…

Some news:  My novella “Gremlin,” a generational saga about a family of pilots and the mysterious creature who adopts them, is a finalist in the Asimov’s Magazine Readers’ Award Poll! Winners won’t be announced for a bit, but to celebrate, the magazine has posted the finalists online, so “Gremlin” is now available to read.

And it’s just one month until the release of The Immortal Conquistador


Just a couple of announcements!

Dark Divide and Badlands Witch are available on audio from Tantor!  All the relevant links are on the page there.

I sent out an e-newsletter which conveniently has all the available pre-order links for stuff coming out in 2020. So far that’s The Immortal Conquistador, The Ghosts of Sherwood, and The Heirs of Locksley.

Next on the list is to update the events list with upcoming appearances. I’ve got a couple of conventions planned, and bookstore events are starting to line up.

First up will be the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts in Florida, March 18-21.

Onward ho!


Here they are!

“The Ghosts of Sherwood” is scheduled for release June 9, and “The Heirs of Locksley” on August 4. I can’t wait!


It’s that time of year again. This year with the added bonus of spending most of it feeling like I was in a hole that kept getting deeper even as I clambered furiously to get out.

I’m heading into next year like Nux screaming in his war car as he heads into battle, “What a day! What a lovely day!”  Witness me, people.

Meanwhile, just to show that this was a productive year, no matter how I felt about it:



“Gremlin,” May/June 2019 Asimov’s Science Fiction. This is my generational saga about women pilots and the strange creature who looks after them. I have to confess, I’m really proud of this one.  SFWA members: I’ve posted it in the Novella 2019 category over in the Forums, if you want to read it.

Dark Divide.  Cormac & Amelia #1. I’m really proud of this one, too, for different reasons. It feels good to get more of their story out there.

Badlands Witch. Cormac & Amelia #2. Ditto.


“Long is the Way.” This is the Wild Cards story I co-wrote with Sage Walker, over at May 2019

“Unraveling.” My new story for the reissued version of Wild Cards IX: Jokertown Shuffle.

Short Stories

“Sidekick” appeared in Unfettered III, ed. by Shawn Speakman. It’s a superhero story, sort of.

“Marlowe and Harry and the Disinclined Laboratory,” in the February issue of Lightspeed.

“To the Beautiful Shining Twilight,” in the Jan/Feb. issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. My first-ever appearance there, with a story I wasn’t sure would work, so I’m pretty proud of this one as well.


And that’s 2019.


Badlands Witch — Tomorrow!

November 11, 2019

Tomorrow, it’s Book Birthday for Badlands Witch!  This will likely be the shortest wait between books in a series that we’ll ever have.

An archeologist hires Cormac to look at a mysterious artifact that might or might not hold some ancient magic. Seems simple enough…but nothing about this job goes as planned.

Here’s the link for ordering information.

old stories made new

October 30, 2019

A couple of stories for you! One of the great things the internet has done is made it possible to keep older stories alive. In pre-internet days, you’d publish a story in a magazine and it would often just vanish. Magazines tended to be kind of ephemeral, and it was next to impossible to find old stories, or find ways to get them to new readers.

Well, that’s totally changed. For example:

My latest story on Curious Fictions is “The Art of Fly Fishing in Low Gravity.” This only ever appeared in the 2014 FenCon Program Book. Now, everyone can read it. If you feel like subscribing to my page or dropping coffee money in the tip jar, it’s much appreciated!

Drabblecast has done a full cast recording — with appropriate music! — of my story “1977,” which first appeared in the fundraising anthology Ravens in the Library. And now it’s out in the world, in a new form, for everyone. I confess, I really like this one — it’s all about disco and time travel, and it’s just so goofy and I can just picture it all so clearly.



bestseller buddies

October 18, 2019

I’m one of those people who’s often bemused by the very specific categories Amazon uses to generate bestseller lists. It’s a nice little egoboo for a writer, but does it mean anything? I don’t know.

But it does occasionally lead to something that makes me smile, like seeing my book right next to my friend’s book on the same list:  in this case, a new James S.A. Corey novella coming out soon.

Half the rest of that list is bear shapeshifter romance. Apparently that’s a thing?