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October 22, 2020

I’ve done a number of posts for other sites promoting Kitty’s Mix-Tape and other sundry items. Here are some of them:

At John Scalzi’s blog I talk about The Big Idea behind the new collection.

At Mary Robinette Kowal’s site, I reveal My Favorite Bit about it.

And finally, over at the Official Wild Cards Site, I describe how I research writing historical fiction. I’m currently working on a story for Wild Cards set in 1961 (project to be announced), so this was a timely piece.



I’ve got a bookstore event scheduled! Hurrah!

It’s online, but still.

October 9, 7 pm MT, Kevin Hearne and I will be hosted by Book Bar, chatting about our new books. Kevin and I have done joint events before and always have a fun time. It’s actually pretty cool that this time, attendance will not be limited by geography. Onward ho, into the future!

Click here to sign up.


Here I am reading from the first story Kitty’s Mix Tape:  “Kitty Walks on By, Calls Your Name.”

I’m still giggling that no one made me change that title.

The book is due out in October in print, ebook, and audio. Click for more info.


A little context

November 15, 2019

Now that Badlands Witch is out…  That’s the reason I took that sudden quick research roadtrip to South Dakota last June. And another post here. I really like travel, I like research, and South Dakota is a day’s drive away, so I just did it.  A bunch of what I saw ended up in the story, so it was really worthwhile. Even getting the tedious drive into the story made the trip worth it.

I did the research trip to Donner Pass for Dark Divide back in 2015, which tells you just how long I was working on that story.

And I seem to be systematically sending Cormac and Amelia around to various National Forests for their adventures. Maybe for the next one I should check my list of where I want to travel and make sure to set the story there…

Here is Deadwood, from the vantage of the Mt. Moriah Cemetery.

Badlands Witch — Tomorrow!

November 11, 2019

Tomorrow, it’s Book Birthday for Badlands Witch!  This will likely be the shortest wait between books in a series that we’ll ever have.

An archeologist hires Cormac to look at a mysterious artifact that might or might not hold some ancient magic. Seems simple enough…but nothing about this job goes as planned.

Here’s the link for ordering information.

DARK DIVIDE, an e-book novella in which Cormac and Amelia have An Adventure, is due to go live tomorrow!

There’s still time to preorder on Amazon, Nook, and Apple.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Domingo seemed hesitant to enter the cabin, so Cormac pushed past her and took a look around.

The place had a sour, musty smell that indicated the man had been dead for a few days before he’d been found. That only contributed to the unconscious creeping fear tugging at his perception. A spot of movement at the edges of his vision. He looked, but nothing living was here. There should be mice in an uninhabited cabin like this. Bugs. Birds. Anything.

As Domingo said, the pantry was stocked. A set of shelves on the back wall was filled with canned food: vegetables, tuna, pasta. A couple of cupboards likely held more. Out of curiosity, Cormac opened a drawer and found a can opener, so that wasn’t the problem. He was willing to bet the propane tank outside was full enough to run the gas stove by the wall. In another corner stood a desk covered with USGS contour maps, pens, pencils, a stack of worn notebooks, binoculars, compass.

The bed where Weber died was a basically a cot, with a thin mattress, made up with white sheets and a government-issue-looking wool blanket, a single pillow. The pillow still held a depression, a crease where a head might have lain. The blanket had been smoothed out.

He knelt, looked under the cot, and found two things: a jackknife, blade open and ready to use, but then dropped, discarded. And a piece of bone, smooth and flattened, probably part of a rib…

Newsletter and Preorder info!

September 26, 2019

Here’s your reminder that I periodically send out a newsletter, mostly letting people know about upcoming releases. You can see the new issue here, and click to subscribe if you like.

This one has all the pre-order information for all the Kitty-related novellas and such coming out over the next six months or so, in one convenient spot! Like this:

DARK DIVIDE (Cormac and Amelia #1), due out October 10.

On Kindle

On Nook

BADLANDS WITCH (Cormac and Amelia #2), due out November 12.

On Kindle

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THE IMMORTAL CONQUISTADOR, due out in March in trade paper and e-book.

Preorder from Tachyon Publications



I’m releasing two Cormac and Amelia e-book novellas this fall, and the links are now available for preorder! (The books will also be available on iTunes, and I’ll post those when they’re ready. I’m doing this in baby steps while I’m on an Oct 1 deadline for another project, so your patience is appreciated!)

DARK DIVIDE (Cormac and Amelia #1)

On Kindle

On Nook

BADLANDS WITCH (Cormac and Amelia #2)

On Kindle

On Nook

He’s an ex-con supernatural bounty hunter. She’s a disembodied Victorian wizard. Together, they fight crime!

Cormac and Amelia return

September 5, 2019

So, I’ve been working on a couple of things:

These will be e-book novellas, and I’m planning on having them out in October and November. I’ll get pre-order links up just as soon as I have them. But since I have covers, I wanted to show them off.

I always planned to spin Cormac and Amelia off to their own series when I wrapped up the main Kitty arc. A lot of stuff intervened to keep that from happening on the timeline I envisioned — I changed agents, my editor at Tor died suddenly, etc. etc.  I have a post I want to do on “career strategy,” the advice people give on career strategy, and how every time I’ve tried to strategize my career it’s blown up in my face. Anyway.

The thing that’s always saved me is to keep writing, and I’ve done a lot of that. And I’ve finally got Cormac and Amelia off and having adventures. I’m SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY these stories are finally going to see the light.

I hope you like them.


The Immortal Conquistador

August 1, 2019

Sorry about the silence and the spotty posting. I had family visiting this weekend and so was off on adventures like hiking Garden of the Gods and taking my 7 year old niece to Casa Bonita. She’s the perfect age for it because Black Bart’s Cave was too scary.

And now I’m back, and getting ready for Worldcon in Dublin. I’m on a bunch of programming and hope to have some good adventures.

Meanwhile, I have a cover reveal.

(Art by Rebecca Harp.)

The Immortal Conquistador is all stories about Rick the vampire, who has become one of my favorite characters to write about.  Half of this is reprints — “El Conquistador de la Noche,” “El Hidalgo de la Noche,” and “Dead Men in Central City.”  Taken together these stories have a great western frontier flare that are a big reason why I keep writing stories about Rick. I love that milieu, and he’s got 500 years worth of stories to tell.

The other half of the book is a brand-new novella that jumps back and forth in time. It tells what happened to Rick immediately after the events of Kitty Rocks the House, and back to 1848 and that one time Rick ended up in Santa Fe…

But I say too much. You’ll have to read about it. It’s due out in February from Tachyon Publications.

Barnes and Noble did a write-up on the whole thing here.

Stay tuned. More announcements are on the way. I don’t have a novel coming out this year, but I do have 5 novellas coming out over the next year. Apparently I’ve been busier than I thought…