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July 31, 2015

Ugh, this week, I’m just waiting for a bunch of stuff to happen and it’s hard!

But I got a new toy:


Some of you will know what you’re looking at.  For those you don’t:  this is an overlock stitch, and it requires a specialized sewing machine called a serger to make it.  And it’s awesome because it gives you nice clean finished edges while sewing a seam and saves a ton of time, and makes the end product nicer and sturdier.

I am now the proud owner of a serger.  I even threaded it myself! (Difficult, because it has four threads and two needles.  Yikes!)  I’ve been wanting one for a long time and I finally decided it was time, because I have this whole stack of sewing projects just sitting there and I realized I would probably get through them faster if I wasn’t dreading things like finishing seams and raw edges.  Plus, I have a really nice silky print that I’ve been scared to death to cut into because it will start falling apart immediately — well, not anymore, because this puppy does rolled hems!

So, I know what I’m working on for the next few weeks.

In other news, yes I have seen the Collegehumor video that happens to prominently feature a certain book:

Yeah.  That’s awesome.





Superheroism/villainy in Starling City is viral.  Slade is Patient Zero, Oliver and Sarah are carriers who, once infected, spread the virus to Roy, Laurel, and Thea.  And possibly Diggle and Palmer?  But it’s spread from person to person in that tangle of relationships.  Eventually, everybody on that show is gonna be a damn superhero.

In Central City, superheroism/villainy is acute.  That is, one inciting incident produced all the metahumans.  There won’t be any more without another inciting event.  Like, oh, SOME KIND OF COSMIC TIME VORTEX???

We’ve already gotten hints of other classic DC cities in this world — I remember Opal City getting mentioned at one point.  (Starman cameo!!! Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease.)  So of course I’m now wondering what other disease metaphors/vectors for superheroism might be possible…



I’m on the road today.  So here, have a picture that makes me smile every time I see it:

rapter jesus

my weekend

June 29, 2015

I’ve been in the SCA for just over 15 years and I finally acquired a period canvas tent for camping events.  It was serendipity, as often happens with these things.  Someone else was selling hers right when I was ready to start looking.

Isn’t it lovely?  The beautiful forested site with the burbling creek nearby (not flooding, huzzah!  But it was awfully close…) doesn’t hurt.

camp tent

The Flash — 1990

June 19, 2015

Since all our regular TV shows finished for the season, this week for our Monday dinner-and-TV extravaganza, we pulled out the DVD’s of the first Flash TV series from 1990, specifically to watch the Trickster episodes, which some of our party had not seen.  Here, have some opening credits:

So. Much. Nostalgia.

I loved this show when it first aired.  By the late 80’s we were completely starved for any kind of superhero media at all.  The glory days of the late 70’s to early 80’s had dried up, and there really wasn’t anything — until 1989 and the Tim Burton/Michael Keaton Batman movie.  I remember how revolutionary that movie was.  How dark and menacing and awesome.  We ate it up like popcorn.  Now of course, in hindsight, the Burton Batman movie is to the current crop of Batman movies what the 1960’s TV show is to the Burton Batman movie.  So dated.  So cheesy.  Never would have thought that could happen.

The 1990 Flash is direct result of the success of the Batman movie.  You can tell they mined the same aesthetic — the art deco gothic setting, the over-the-top everything, the molded latex suit (I got to hear John Wesley Shipp speak at DragonCon in 2007, and he said they would lysol the suit out at night and it would never quite dry completely by the next time he had to wear it, and it got pretty rank. *shudder*).  The theme song is by Danny Elfman.  And at the time the show really did feel dark and serious and mature and…

Well.  Watching it now?  It’s freaking adorable.  That flying hair trick to show that Barry has left the room?  The new show uses that trick too, but somehow on the old show it’s deeply hilarious.  The whole thing is silly, but the silliness is seamless and the actors manage to play it straight.  It’s lovely seeing John Wesley Shipp, Amanda Pays, and Mark Hamill in their original Flash incarnations.  It’s really lovely seeing all the easter eggs the current Flash has slipped in referring back to the old show with love.  The Trickster warehouse from the new episode?  The costumes?  Perfect recreations.

The 1990 Flash only lasted a season, which is too bad, because I think its heart was in the right place.  It’s dated, but it’s fun, and we enjoyed watching it.

Here’s my big question:  I pretty much believe that Mark Hamill landed the role of the Joker on Batman: The Animated Series because of his stint as the Trickster, where he managed to convey psychopathic evil under the outrageous Trickster antics.  But here’s the thing I’d forgotten:

Trickster acquires a sidekick named Prank.  Prank is a pretty woman who develops a very unhealthy infatuation with the Trickster and devotes herself to supporting his cause, while constantly throwing herself at him.  Sometimes he relents and returns her affections, sometimes he rejects her — all this keeps her coming back for more no matter what.

Prank predates Harley Quinn by at least a year, near as I can figure.

Do any of the comics/superhero wonks out there know if there’s a direct connection/inspiration between the two characters?  Because dang, it’s a little obvious watching that episode now.



As you can see, I’ve taken out the paper mache again, so that I can make a Thing.  It’s a secret project.  I might post pictures of the finished thing, or I might not, because there are some extenuating circumstances.  How’s that for mysterious?  Anyway, this bit is what I did Wednesday.  I worked on Phase 2 last night, and left a wet sopping mess to dry overnight.  (I love living in an arid part of the country, where paper mache actually dries overnight.  I was reading one set of instructions that suggested putting your paper mache in the oven to dry, and that just sounded like a disaster waiting to happen.  Or maybe that’s just my oven.)

When I got up this morning and took a look at it?  Ooooooooh, it’s lookin’ really good!  I’m really excited!  Next step:  paint.



Happy Friday!

April 10, 2015

This is becoming a thing, I think, where I get to the end of the week and throw together a blog post.  I’m late today because I went riding this morning.  TinyHorse for the win!  She’s doing great.

TV update:

Agents of SHIELD.  I’m frustrated with this show because it feels like the last three episodes were pretty much all the same episode, with the same dialog but just spoken in different situations.  Kyle MacLachlan is making it bearable with his truly enjoyable brand of crazy.  Basically:  if AoS is going to be hamstrung by the release of the big Marvel movie in May every year, they maybe ought to think of just canning it.  Or running it in the summer.  Or something.

Justified.  I think it should end with Art throwing everyone in prison and walking off into the sunset wearing Raylen’s hat.

The Flash.  As a fan of the first Flash TV show, the Mark Hamill guest appearance was a thing of beauty and perfection.  Also, this show has now won all the fan service points.  There are no more fan service points to win.

Here, have a picture of days of superhero Halloweens past:


I just noticed the terrible 1970’s carpet in this.  Yikes.



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