March 2, 2015

I listen to a lot of classical music on the radio, and my current station is pretty stodgy — I judge a classical station’s stodginess by how frequently they play John Williams movie scores, and this one doesn’t play any at all.

But they played the theme song to the original Star Trek to announce Leonard Nimoy’s passing.  And they kept playing it throughout the day, on the hour.  It was like the geek version of church bells tolling.

That’s a measure of the impact Nimoy had — particularly in his role as Spock.  Even non-geeks, even the most mainstream outlets imaginable, even places I didn’t expect an acknowledgement at all, marked the news.  Everyone understands how important that character is as a model, as a symbol.  As Scalzi said:  Every geek just lost their favorite grandparent.

I don’t think I realized how far-reaching Nimoy and Spock’s influence really reached, and I just keep thinking, what a life.  What a profound and meaningful life.



February 18, 2015

Quick Wednesday post.  I had a great time at Boskone but it’s taking me a little while to recover.  Even though I think I may be the only person at the convention whose flight wasn’t cancelled.  May I always be so lucky.

So here’s more stuff that I’ve made/acquired, this time in the category of OOOH SPARKLIES.  It’s my weakness.

At some point I acquired some pearls. (This is another thing that happens in the SCA. You get gifted with the most marvelous things like fabric and jewelry and odds and ends.)  I had them for years, waiting for inspiration, which finally struck:  I had a Renaissance gown with no jewelry to go with it.  Eeek!  So I made a necklace:


And another one:



I love them!  I’m glad I waited to use the pearls because these turned out so nice, and I have a feeling they’ll be versatile and I’ll get to wear them with lots of different outfits.

This one, I didn’t make, but acquired at the Boskone art show.  It’s by Priscilla Olson, and I grabbed it up because I think it’ll go with both my period outfits and my steampunk wardrobe.



SPARKLIES!  It’s a bit of an addiction, but it’s one I indulge in because I like to support the artists who make these pretties, and it’s wearable, which speaks to my practical side.


I posted this on Facebook earlier this week.  This is what I made for myself after I finished making everyone presents for Christmas:



This is not the nerdiest thing I’ve ever done.  But it’s right up there.

I’m also coming to believe that it’s things like this — working with my hands, being an unapologetic fangirl, that sort of thing — that will ultimately keep me from burning out.  It’s important to have hobbies.  Especially when your job is also your favorite hobby.



look what I made!

February 2, 2015

Cooking is still something I have to make an effort at, even though I’ve spent a lot of time practicing and have gotten a lot better at it.  On top of that cooking for one is a challenge — it’s so much easier to stick a frozen pizza in the oven than to put out the effort to make something.  But every now and then, I nail it.  Behold:



Meatballs and pasta.  The sauce is made from scratch — part of a batch from a couple of weeks ago that I froze.  I made a big batch of the meatballs and froze what I didn’t use for future eating.  So not only did I eat a nice, hot, fresh meal, I will have more nice, hot, fresh meals in the future.  This kind of thing makes me feel so virtuous.


recovery Friday

January 23, 2015

My brain blew up again this week.  I had a bunch of projects — a critique, galleys, documentation for a couple of SCA projects because I decided to enter them into an A&S event this weekend (why, god, why?! because I can, that’s why) — all of them tedious things impossible to finish in one go.  They took up all my time this week, then I finished them all yesterday afternoon and my brain is suddenly at loose ends.  So, no real blog post, but here’s a sonnet I wrote awhile back.  I think the prompt was “Doctor Who.”


Prospero Arrives on the Island

Thus witness we nobility brought low.

Wreck’d and wash’d up by a foreign tide,

Cast out in exile by a hateful foe,

Alone–but for the young girl by his side.

Dangers threaten them at every turn:

Fearsome elements and tempests wild–

But beauty dwells here also, as they learn,

Fair spirits brave and bold, and evenings mild.

Then yon iron Caliban doth swears

To all opposing souls exterminate.

But a magic staff our wizard bears–

A vast and fateful power to create.

He halts his enemy, reverses crime–

And thus we know him as a lord of time.



crafting post #1

January 21, 2015

Here’s one of the things I made last month:


Thor and Loki cross stitch hand towels.  The only thing better than making crazy stuff like this is having friends who appreciate it when I give them crazy stuff stuff like this.

(The pattern I used came from Clouds Factory.  There are a lot of patterns out there.  Go ahead, google “superhero cross stitch.”  I dare you.)



happy Friday + a few notes

January 16, 2015

A reminder:  this Sunday I’ll be signing at 3 pm at the  Broadway Book Mall in Denver.

I have a brand-new Wild Cards story out:  “Always Spring in Prague” is a new story included in the reissue of Aces Abroad, which came out this week.  As a long-time fan of the series, I’m still loving these new covers by Michael Komarck, and I’m loving that I have managed to retroactively insinuate myself into the series from the very beginning.  Sometimes you don’t need a TARDIS to time travel!

I did a ton of knitting and crafting for the holidays this year, and eventually I’ll post pictures and show off some of what I made, ’cause I’m pretty happy with it all.  First:  I made this hat for my niece for her birthday, using this pattern that I got off Ravelry:





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