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November 20, 2015

I knitted an earthworm.


Yeah, I don’t really know why either.


So this week I got to thinking about cryonics, and the big underlying, unspoken assumption held by cryonics companies and those who actually take the steps to make sure they’re properly preserved at the moment of death (ideally, my skimming research tells me) so that they might be revived, repaired, and restored at some future date when medical science has solved All the Problems.

And the assumption isn’t the basic notion that they can be revived, that medicine will someday be advanced enough to unfreeze them safely and then repair whatever killed them.  The huge, unspoken assumption is that future medicine will care.  I’m sure cryonics companies are working hard to have the financial endowment and administration to keep their clients frozen safely, for whatever values of “safely” they’ve established.  But do they have the administration and future management in place to advocate for their clients to the medical community?  To monitor medical science to keep track of when future medicine might have the ability to successfully revive their clients?  Are they doing research into cryo-revival themselves?  Will they keep track of not only revival, but when medicine might have the cures their clients need?  And do they have a system in place to actually go to doctors/hospitals/whatever and say “Hey, we’ve got this frozen body here we want you to work on.”  And why do they have the complete and utter faith that those future doctors and hospitals will say, “Why yes, of course, come right on in?”

Because that’s what they’re depending on.  Not the future medical technology, but on the benevolence of those future medical practitioners to want to spend the time and effort treating clients who’ve been effectively and legally dead for decades or longer.

So that’s what I’m thinking about this week.


I’m crafting up a storm at home.  Feels great.  Here’s my most recent handspun wool, plied and washed and ready for knitting.  I’m getting pretty good at this drop spindle thing!


happy Wednesday!

November 4, 2015

After a topsy turvey couple of months, I’m finally settling down, getting in some good word counts, starting some knitting projects, and feeling like I’m making progress.  This is good.  This is nice.  Deep sigh.

We’re scheduled to get our first snow over the next couple of days.  This is long overdue and will be most welcome!

Halloween:  I did end up going out, though I almost changed my mind about what to wear a half an hour before I was supposed to leave for the party.  I almost wore my Regency gown instead, which I think would have been great and different.  But I went with my original plan:

fairy carrie

I sent this picture to my niece, after she sent me one of her in her Zita the Spacegirl costume (she looked fan-freaking-tastic by the way.  And she had so much fun!).  According to her mother, this was her response:  “She squealed and then whispered “she’s a FAIRY.””



October 30, 2015

I was all excited because I didn’t have anything planned for this weekend.  And then I realized:  it’s Halloween.  I should probably do something for that.  And isn’t it sad, that I used to get so excited for Halloween, planning my costume weeks in advance, counting down the days…  But as a friend and I were talking about, Halloween used to be the only day in the year when we dressed up in crazy costumes.  Now, I dress up for conventions, for SCA events, for Renaissance fairs, and for the random theme parties that I or my friends have throughout the year (Like the Mystery Men inspired superhero tryout party last year where I threw on some plaid and went as the Scotch Guard?  Good times!).  The thought of Halloween this year is just making me tired.  But then, I kind of felt that way about MileHi Con last week, too — I mean, I love that convention, but it snuck up on me and I didn’t plan well and I got really tired.

My friends tell me these are all signs of burnout.  This is a distinct possibility, I’ve realized.  So I’m going to try to take it easy the next couple of months, enjoy the holiday season, make a bunch of crafty things, and relax.

In the meantime, I did find a last minute Halloween party to go to and my costume wardrobe is such that I will never have to worry about putting together a costume again.  Seriously, I have everything already in stock to make a pretty good Delirium of the Endless outfit.  Also:  fairy wings.  As long as I have fairy wings, I’ll always have a Halloween costume.

Putting on a suit and gloves and Psi Corps pin might be a little obscure for most people, but I could do that too…

Happy Halloween, y’all!


more adolescent reading

October 26, 2015

I’m still going through the big batch of books from my teenage years that my parents dropped off.  Check this one out:


Just look at that cover!  Can you not tell that my GI Joe-loving teenage self thought this was Pure! Unbridled! Awesome!?!?  The premise:  a special forces team made up of teenagers (WTF?) goes out and saves the world!  Because reasons!

The author on this is Zachary Blue.  But given what I’ve learned about some others of these teen adventure series, I suspected that maybe wasn’t a real author name.  So I checked the copyright page:


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!  R.L. Stine!  OMG that’s so great!


Hanzai Japan, including my story “The Girl Who Loved Shonen Knife,” is now available!  Here’s a sneak peek of my story:

“I bet the school is home to a secret laboratory creating superheroes,” I say, and Miki and Ru just stare at me. I keep going. “You know, like some of our fellow students may in fact be superheroes in disguise, with strange mental and physical powers. There’s a secret high-tech gymnasium under the real gymnasium where they do their training.”

Miki says, “If there are secret superheroes, why don’t they do something to save the city?”

That is a very good question.


So we decided that the characters of Arrow totally fit into Hamlet:

Hamlet:  Ollie, who is haunted by the ghost of his father.

Gertrude: Moira

Claudius: Malcolm Merlin

Polonius: Det. Lance

Ophelia:  Sarah

Laertes: Laurel

Horatio:  Thea

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern: Felicity and Diggle

Which of course would leave Yorick for Tommy Merlin.

And Fortinbras is Amanda Waller, which means the last scene is her walking on stage and going, “What the hell happened here?” and Thea sort of shrugging weakly with a confused expression on her face.



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