quick post

March 1, 2017

Dark purple crocus in my yard have bloomed. I should be happy but I’m worried for them, we always get a big snow in March and they might get hurt.

I go through this anxiety every single year but it feels new every single time. Weird.



wintery sundry

February 24, 2017

Winter in Colorado:  Went from 70 degrees F to blizzard in two days. Would have been awesome but I had to drive through it. Remember the manta of the Rockies this time of year:  We need the moisture, we need the moisture.

I’m visiting with my niece for a couple of days. She was super excited to show me that she’s learned to snap her fingers.

Of course this means it’s time to teach her to sing the Jet Song.

Her parents will be so pleased!


another view of RMNP

November 21, 2016

Here’s another picture from my hike to Bierstadt Lake in Rocky Mt. National Park a couple weeks ago.  That was such a good hike, and such a good day.  I could feel the stress draining from me with every step.  Must remember my happy places.

All that gray:  those are aspen without their leaves.  I need to try this same hike a month earlier next year.  Because imagine all that turned bright gold when the leaves change.  It must be astonishing.


my backyard

November 18, 2016

Not really my backyard of course.  But close.  This is about an hour’s drive, and then a hour or so hike from my house.  I went last week, when the weather was still unseasonably, ridiculously warm.  This is at almost 10,000 ft and there should really be snow there this time of year.

Finally, we got snow yesterday.  It’s such a relief.

(Bierstadt Lake, Rocky Mt. National Park)


what my bad moods look like

September 30, 2016

It turns out I was in a pretty bad mood for part of this week, so I left the house and went out to get some air and burn off some energy.

This is what I came home with.  And I looked at the haul and went, “Holy cow, that really was a bad mood.”

But I started catching up on season 2 of Mr. Robot and I feel much better now.  How about that best actor Emmy win for Rami Malek?! So good!


happy autumn!

September 23, 2016

First full day of autumn. The leaves are turning. The heater is coming on at night.

I’m not sure I’m ready for this.


North Pole, CO

June 27, 2016

My brother and I in December, 1980:

north pole 1980

And in June, 2016:

north pole 2016

The ride operator totally gave us a side-eye as we got into the car this time around.  Those things aren’t really designed for two tall adults.  But hey, at least we like each other!

The angle of the shots is different, but you can just make out the slope of the distant hill behind all the trees.  That’s what I notice most about the new picture — all those trees that weren’t there 35 years ago!

Another side by side shot I could do:  me riding the Candy Cane Coaster.  This is an adorable little steel track roller coaster that basically goes in a circle with a couple of little dips in it.  It was the first roller coast I ever rode, and it scared the pants off me back then.  For being such a little guy it really throws you around, and steel tracks always tend to jangle your teeth out.  That thing kept me away from coasters until I was a teenager.  Now, of course, I love them (mostly — I have limits).  So this trip, I conquered my demons and rode the Candy Cane Coaster once more.  Still knocked me around, but this time I had fun.

We also got a big family picture in front of the North Pole “Post Office,” but I need to dig out the one of my mother as a little girl in front of the same building in 1956 to compare.

Mostly, I’m glad my family all gets along and we like spending time together and we can all get on board with having a fun goofy day out with cheesy rides and root beer floats and all the rest.