Into the Future…

January 10, 2022

I have an announcement.

Short version:  I’m moving this blog over to Patreon, a crowdfunding platform where audiences can directly support creators. There’ll be at least a couple of free posts every month, so some version of this blogging experience will continue. BUT…  I’ll also be creating what I’m calling a Writing Symposium:   a living, evolving document with info about the craft and business of writing, and my own process and how it functions in the real world. Like a “how to write” book but more interesting. Also, this will give me some much-needed structure and motivation, which has been lacking this past year. Link forthcoming.

Long explanation:

I mentioned a couple months ago that blogging has been difficult for me. I’ve been writing this blog for about 15 years. When I started it, blogging was still cool. The Kitty series was just getting going. I had a lot to say and I was going to a lot of movies and figuring out a lot of stuff on the fly. Well, after almost two years of pandemic, of struggling with broken novels, and a year of an ongoing coup being perpetrated by former and current elected officials who, in denying the results of the 2020 election, are in violation of their oaths of office and probably guilty of actual crimes, and so on and so forth… I’m really tired.  I still like the idea of a blog, of having a place to put big thoughts and movie reviews and the like. But the actual necessity of finding subjects to write about, then writing them, on a schedule, is a struggle.

Throughout all this I’ve also been toying with the idea of putting together a “how to write” book.

I’ve been writing professionally for more than 20 years, teaching workshops and critiquing for much of that time. I have a lot of thoughts about this gig. But I have to be honest, the idea of writing a book on the subject doesn’t really appeal to me. There are thousands of books on writing out there. Does the world really need another?

Then I got an idea.

I’m starting a Patreon. A lot of fiction writers have started Patreons, and most of them are using the platform to post fiction. I won’t be doing that. I’m going to use the platform to talk about writing. A Writing Symposium. And not just writing, but creativity in general, and everything that goes into building a creative life. I’ve spent a lot of the pandemic thinking about life, and how “a life” isn’t something you build and then you’re finished. It’s an ongoing process, in pretty much constant flux. Building a creative life – one in which you have space to think, dream, write, paint, sing, and make – even more so, since those are often activities that the wider world doesn’t value or take seriously. But they’re really important and it’s all a process that takes attention.

In much the same way, I don’t want to put together a “how to write” book and have it be a static thing, because I’m still learning and growing. A book would be a snapshot of my thoughts at one point in time. With this platform, I’m hoping to create an evolving, interactive document about writing and creativity. This will also give me a regular schedule and structure for posting.

And maybe a little cash, that never hurts.  Because something else I’ve learned is that all this knowledge I’ve scraped together over the years is valuable. Instead of trying to sell a book, I’m putting out a tip jar, basically.

Many of you have been with me from the start, commenting and supporting me, and I’m so very grateful to you for that. So now I have some questions for you… What would you like to see me do in this new format? 

–What do you like in this blog as it is now?  What keeps you coming back?

–What levels of support would you like to see? I’ll definitely have free posts that will very much resemble what I do here, but I’m also considering $1, $5, and $25 per month  levels of support.  These would unlock more in-depth posts on writing in general, and my process in particular.

–If you support other Patreons, what do you like about them? What do you not like? Any advice?

I’m excited about starting up a whole new project. I’m also a little daunted, but I’m taking that as a good sign – challenges are good, and clearly I need something to get me going. So here we go…

Of course I’ll post the link when this goes live!

6 Responses to “Into the Future…”

  1. Teee Says:

    My favorite part of the blog is your tv, movie, and book reviews. You often find exactly what is troubling about something or inspire me to give something a try despite otherwise bad reviews. I also like seeing the costumes you have made and conventions etc.

    I had originally followed your blog specifically because of the Kitty series and read some of your other books that you mentioned on the blog like after the golden age. I used to use various RSS readers and this blog is one of the only ones left that I follow as it emails me when you have posted.

    I am unlikely to join a Patreon, but I appreciate that this has been a tough year and you need to focus on a paid support endeavor. I occasional donations to blogs and podcasts but nothing regular at this time, more like the random go fund me. Have you heard of the Incomparable podcast? They often review media and have guest panels, would love to hear you on there and hopefully you would get paid for participating and also provide a great voice with your perspective and insight.

    Best wishes!

  2. Michelle Garcia Says:

    I like what you blog about. Great idea to support creativity of all kinds. Still can’t believe it’s been 15 years.

    Just continue to give links and information on short stories and books on web site .

    Books are still a luxury for some people. Not that they don’t want to give more.

    Please continue to shine your light in the dark.

    Be well.

  3. Susan A. Says:

    I enjoy ‘hearing’ your voice and reading about what is going on in your life and writing. I get excited about what you have coming out and all the new ventures you have undertaken. The pictures you take, both the scenery and your sewing projects, are of interest to me.
    I think that starting a Patreon account to write about writing is a great idea. What a great way to help others over time. I am not a writer but my husband is trying to write. He is a part of a writing group started by another author after the Jack Williamson Lectureship last spring. I definitely will share this information with him.
    Stay safe and enjoy your day.

  4. carriev Says:

    Thank you for the comments! This is giving me some ideas, about different categories to write about on the new platform.

  5. An old friend Says:

    Honestly I’ve never had a intrest in such things but after recently “(re)discovering” you I was incredibly impressed by your tallents and true gift in writing. Most impressive. I would say continue to do as your heart desires, at your free wiil, whatever feels right for thats when the magic happens. I’m not at all surprised to see your success and popularity. It’s been evident since teenage years that something special would come from you. Good luck to you in whatever ventures you decide to embark upon. We’ll be waiting with anticipation.

  6. winterelf2 Says:

    just enjoy the chatter really.
    I have those I follow on patreon – mostly artists though. I didn’t realize it’s become the “thing” for writers too. You might need to consider $2.00 the lowest tier. I’ve had a number of those who i do follow for $1.00 say that the patreon fees basically take all the $1.00 and that they need to restructure, so having a pledge for that basically means pennies to them.

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