Worldcon – December! And quick TV update

November 30, 2021

Reminder: the new Cormac and Amelia novella, CHARMED WATERS, is out tomorrow!

I’ve been traveling again. Jumping in with both feet, and it’s been strange. Like, 85% normal and the last 15% is masks and atrocious bureaucratic hoops and paranoia. I’m really out of practice at this under the best circumstances. But I’m also glad to be doing it, not because it’s getting back to normal, but because it’s an attempt to approach the world on the terms of this new normal.

My next trip is going to be to Washington D.C. for Worldcon. Which is not usually in December, mind you, but is an attempt at scheduling around everything. Hey, you remember back last spring when we thought everything was going to settle down by now? Yeah, good times.

And a quick TV update. Only Murders in the Building was fun, a bit of a contemporary comedy intersecting with the obsession over true crime stories. Mostly it was really lovely seeing Steve Martin do his thing in something new.

Foundation. Oof. Y’all, I really wanted to like this. It’s awfully pretty. It’s been so long since I read the books I don’t really care about how good of an adaptation it is, I just wanted the show to be intriguing and interesting…and watchable. It is none of these. Disjointed, repetitive, and mostly going for sensationalism rather than a coherent story. I made it through episode 5, then bailed, and I’m sorry for that.

Next up: Hawkeye and the live-action Cowboy Bebop.

3 Responses to “Worldcon – December! And quick TV update”

  1. I enjoyed Only Murders… too. Whenever we get out of overtime season (if we get out, the way things are going) I want to check out Arcane on Netflix.

  2. Michelle Garcia Says:

    Have fun traveling .

    Just finished Charmed Waters🏞✨
    Totally beautiful. Can’t wait for Amelia and Cormac to be together. Maybe they can meet a unicorn to find a path in this realm.
    Be well


  3. Thomas Stacey Says:

    I haven’t watched all of the live action Cowboy Bebop but what I have seen I have really enjoyed. It’s not perfect but it is really done in the spirit of the show and them nailing a lot of the aesthetics of the anime along with the banter between Spike and Jet makes it a lot of fun for me. I especially love that they brought Yoko Kano back to do the music and use new versions of the original music and add new but still funky and jazzy music.

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