new Wild Cards reprints!

November 23, 2021

Tor Books is steadily working on reprinting all the Wild Cards substantial backlist, with fantastic character-centric artwork. Some of these books have been out of print for decades, so this is a cool and good thing.

The latest are two of the solo novels: Turn of the Cards by the great Vic Milán, who unfortunately passed away a couple of years ago. He would have loved this cover of Jumpin’ Jack Flash. And Death Draws Five, by John Jos. Miller. The links go to Bookshop .org. Please support indie bookstores whenever you can.

Here’s a story: The company that originally published Death Draws Five went under right around the time of its publication date. (This was before I joined the Consortium, so I learned about all this later.) As a result, the warehouse and all the stock got caught up in bankruptcy proceedings, and only a few hundred copies ever made it out into the world. The original edition of this book is rare.

You want to know how big a fan of Wild Cards I was back in the day?  I have a copy of that first-edition of Death Draws Five. I think I picked it up at a Barnes and Noble right when it came out and had no idea there were any problems. Lucky me! But yeah. I have all the rarities. I’m pretty pleased about that.

And of course I’m getting the new editions. Of course I am!

One Response to “new Wild Cards reprints!”

  1. Michelle Garcia Says:

    That is so cool!! We all need a pick me up.
    Be well .

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