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November 19, 2021

So I have a NASA ball cap that my Mom gave me that I wear everywhere. Well, I wear it when I go hiking/birding, because I’m blond enough that my scalp burns if I don’t wear a hat. And just about every time I do, someone looks at it and says, “Oh, do you work for NASA?” To which I always say, “No, I’m just a fan.”

This question confuses me. Ball caps are for fans, right? I mean, I absolutely guarantee that most people wearing a Broncos cap or any sports team cap or whatever don’t get asked, “Oh, do you work for the Broncos?” No—they’re fans. Like I’m a fan. I don’t know why NASA would be different.


I have a rough draft of a new short story. This is huge, because I haven’t really finished anything since the summer. (I’m working on a novel, which never gets finished right away, but there’s a point where I get super cranky and just want to finish something, and this week I did, which felt great.)

I made a list of ten writing projects I’d like to get done by the end of the year. Spoiler:  they’re not all going to get done by the end of the year. I think I might get four done by the end of the year. But you know, I thrive on lists, so this feels like progress.

2 Responses to “working working…”

  1. David Hack Says:

    People think military when they see NASA, it is of course civilian but it’s ingrained. One can not wear a Navy ship cap without assumed service, its almost stolen valor.

    Not so for the NASA cap, but I would say that’s why.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Michelle Garcia Says:

    Good for you!! Looking forward to Charmed Waters.
    Be well.

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