so I did a thing…

October 21, 2021

Sorry for the silence, I was off having an adventure.

You’ll have to take my word that that’s me on the right there. Photo courtesy of my friend’s Go-pro.

This was my first dive trip in almost three years, to the Bahamas, and it was just so wonderful being in the water again. All the skills came right back. I did 8 dives and saw some great stuff.

This was an organized shark feeding, and boy, the sharks were waiting for us. There were about 14? Hard to count, they kept moving around.

These are reef sharks (there were also a couple of nurse sharks, but they’re not in the picture). They don’t eat people, and I felt safe because they frankly weren’t interested in the people but in the tasty, tasty fish bites coming out of the bait box. Though we were warned not to stick our arms out because that’s the exact gesture the feeder makes when he offers them fish bites…

These animals are just so beautiful, I really loved getting to see them up close.

7 Responses to “so I did a thing…”

  1. David Hack Says:

    When there was no post by Wednesday evening I wondered if you were underwater somewhere. That’s great, we all appreciate your viCarrie-ious adventures.

    Wondering if The Astounding volume was in your collection.

    Thanks and welcome back.

  2. Michelle Garcia Says:

    How beautiful. Glad you had fun.

  3. Timothy A Schmidt Says:

    On Thursday my sister arrived from back east and we made our obligatory trip to Powell’s Books in Portland, OR. There, I came across “Questland”. I’d been meaning to read it for a while but had never gotten around to it. On Saturday, with it raining outside and nothing particularly pressing to do, I opened the book and spent all day blissfully lost in its pages.
    Thank you!

  4. Lotharen Says:

    That does seem like a ton of fun! Always wanted to do something like that because I really love the water.
    I have a question if you have the time to answer. How do you find the time to juggle work, hobbies, ect? Do you play computer or video games? I seem to have WAY to may hobbies and working a full time job its hard to fit writing in that when its been a bad day and I have tons of other things to do. Just curious how someone else (and a Pro at that) juggles work, life and everything in-between.

    Also, LOVE your work!

  5. carriev Says:

    David: That issue of Astounding is indeed in my collection! I haven’t read the story yet, but I will. I need to dig through those magazines more often, there’s some fascinating stuff in there.

    Lotharen: One of the reasons I was so keen to be a full time writer is so I would have time for everything I want to do. No, I don’t play computer and video games and that certainly clears up time. Also, I don’t have kids.

    I make a lot of lists and do some pretty formal goal-setting: these are the things I want to accomplish, this is the time frame I’d like to accomplish them in. This can include costumes, travel, crafting, etc. Like finishing Nomi Sunrider by Mile Hi Con. In birding, I try to get a couple of new lifers every year. There are some things I try to do at least a little of every single day, or once a week: reading, writing (of course), some kind of crafting, yoga, etc.

    The key is making sure the goals and timeframes are realistic. If it’s not possible to accomplish them with the time and resources available, you’re setting yourself up to fail and that’s incredibly frustrating.

    Writing is such a good example of this: you don’t have to write a lot to be a writer. I think it’s important to write every day, but it doesn’t have to be a lot. I have a friend whose daily wordcount goal is 250 words. That’s a paragraph. A double spaced page. But you do that every day, you’ll have a book by the end of the year. I think with writing people think they have to do a lot more than they need to, when really, getting in the habit of writing just a few lines every day can build to bigger things. Get a nice notebook and pen, have it on hand so when you have a couple extra minutes — waiting for the pasta water to boil, the ten minutes before bed, whatever — you can write something, anything. Get in the habit of doing a little, then build on it.

    That works for just about everything.

  6. carriev Says:

    And thank you for reading!!!

  7. carriev Says:

    (It just occurred to me I should also mention all the things I DON’T manage to get done. I have four musical instruments in my house and I keep wanting to practice at least one of them and I never do. I want to learn how to draw and apart from some occasional sketching, that never seems to happen. My house is not clean. I have a whole list of things I haven’t written yet that just keeps growing. There’s always something that gets left out of the schedule.)

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