operation enjoy fall

September 13, 2021

Did something a little different this Monday morning.

This is Union Reservoir, with Longs Peak on the horizon ahead of me.

It was a little windy and wavy for comfort, but it still felt GREAT being on the water. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve been scuba diving? Too long.

But this is a nice way to get some sun and water until I can pull out my wetsuit again.

4 Responses to “operation enjoy fall”

  1. David Hack Says:

    When I take my Hobie Mirage out I often get buzzed by swifts and barn swallows over the water. On Sloan’s Lake I saw Grebes out diving with babies. If you are interested Hobie makes inflatable Mirage drive Kayaks.


  2. Michelle Garcia Says:

    Looks so relaxing. A very good Monday🙂
    Thank you for 2 🤯 Cormac & Amelia stories!!
    Got my preoders in.
    Enjoy the con.


    Be well

  3. Carbonman Says:

    Just finished Questland and The Immortal Conquistador. My thought when reading the first 30 or so pages of Questland was “Addie is Carrie!” I’m not a gamer but thoroughly enjoyed it.
    The other book nicely fills in Ricardo’s back story. Thank you!

  4. carriev Says:

    Michelle: I was just about to post the preorder links! You’re ahead of me!

    Carbonman: A friend who’s known me forever says that out of all my characters Addie is most like me. 🙂

    Thank you for reading!

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