August 2, 2021

Happiness is turning on the TV just to see what they’re actually showing on the Olympics and catching the show jumping phase of the Three-Day Eventing competition. True story: I used to do that back in high school. Well, no, not exactly that. At my level they call it Combined-Training Eventing and we did it all in one day and the jumps were only 2’9″.

Basically the equivalent of your local 5k fun run versus Olympic marathon.

But still.


The horse I’m taking dressage lessons on now competes at the same skill level as the Olympic dressage horses. I’m learning a ton. I’m not anywhere near there as a rider myself.

But I do get a bit frustrated that the one category of sports I know ANYTHING about hardly gets any mainstream coverage.

3 Responses to “horses”

  1. David Hack Says:

    Have you ever watched cutting horses?

  2. katboxjanitor Says:

    I stumbled into some fabulous coverage of dressage and another stylish horse event (I forget the name of it) on YouTube. Took my breath away at the skill and communication between rider and horse.

  3. carriev Says:

    I have seen cutting horses! And reigning horses are pretty amazing too!

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