baby steps

July 16, 2021

This week, I’m reminded again that baby steps are important. Some is better than none.

15 minutes of yoga is better than no yoga.

“Weed the yard” is too big, but “weed just this section” is doable. (I haven’t weeded all summer. It’s a problem. So instead of “weed the yard” I’m now working on “spend half an hour weeding this section” and that seems to be the trick.)

500 crappy words written is better than no words.

So annoying that I seem to have to relearn this lesson every couple years or so.

5 Responses to “baby steps”

  1. howardbrazee Says:

    Absolutely. The best exercise in the world is the few steps from the hospital bed to the hall.

    It works just as well with mental exercise.

  2. Michelle Garcia Says:

    Always learn. Don’t stagnant. You are way too hard on yourself. We repeat things for a reason. I think you should take a second look at those 500 words. Maybe they aren’t so crappy

    Be well.

  3. Amy Fuller Says:

    This is sound advice I need to remember. Thank you.
    I’m having a book problem. We have a new employee who’s trying to get into urban fantasy and I recommend your books, as I always do, as an example of a quality werewolf and vampire series done well. So, I go to see if I can get copies of Kitty to lend her, and I can’t find the physical books for sale. Ebook, I can order. Physically, I can find the first few, the last few, and the new Rick and Cormac stories, but not the ones leading up to Kitty Saves the World. Please tell me they’re being reprinted or re-covered.

  4. Amy Fuller Says:

    I’m sorry if I bothered you before. I’ve been able to get a secondary copy of most of them. Thank you for your stories. They’re wonderful.

  5. carriev Says:

    Michelle: Yeah, I’m too hard on myself. I’m trying to work on that.

    Amy: I’m afraid it’s really hard to find new copies of many of the Kitty books — the publishers are moving more and more toward ebooks for older books. Used books are your best bet, there seem to be a lot of them around.

    Thank you so much for recommending my books, I really appreciate it!

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