July 8, 2021

So, er… I haven’t actually been watching any, really. I know they’re out there. I know there’s some big budget SF blockbuster type things coming out. But I haven’t really been paying attention like I used to.

It’s been a year and four months since I’ve been in a movie theater. I’m completely out of the habit of checking to see what’s playing. I have no idea.

And I gotta tell you, I’m not ready to go to a packed evening showing on opening weekend. Not on a bet.

But Black Widow is finally, finally here, and that’s the one I’d like to return to the theater to see.

At 10 am on a weekday, probably.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

5 Responses to “movies!”

  1. I’d love to go see Black Widow in a theater (in 3D, too) but man…without one in town anymore I’m not sure if I’m up to devoting the extra hour or so it could take just to get there and back. Cost-wise, it’ll be about the same to watch it at home.

    Decisions, decisions…

  2. Jared Moloshok Says:

    Godzilla vs. Kong was pretty fun, but I opted to watch that from home rather than risk the theater. Will probably do the same with Black Widow.

  3. Graham Moore Says:

    We’re going to the 12:30PM show on Friday. I’ve booked the afternoon off. The theatre has widely spaced and limited reserved seating. I can hardly wait!

  4. Timothy A Schmidt Says:

    I went to a movie last week. Full theaters (at least in my area) means about 1/3 capacity so they’re not really crowded.

  5. Graham Moore Says:

    Saw Black Widow this afternoon! It was awesome to be back in a theatre watching a big action movie on the big screen.
    The movie was excellent, with a coherent story and a plethora of action scenes. David Harbour and Florence Pugh are welcome additions to the MCU and the post-credits scene is a great setup for both an upcoming Marvel TV series and the New Avengers phase of the movie universe.

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