Questland – one week!

June 15, 2021

QUESTLAND will be out in one week!

I’m so out of practice on this self promotion stuff.

A more personal story: I’ve started up my weekly dinners again.

The background is this: I learned to cook by inviting a small group of friends over and cooking something different for them every week. I’d been doing this for over a decade when Covid hit and we stopped. We were mostly safe, but the work situation of a couple folks in the group meant we couldn’t really bubble up. So we didn’t. We had some outdoor gatherings, but I didn’t cook for those.

We really, really missed it. I tried to keep cooking new things — I learned to make eggs benedict — but it wasn’t the same.

Well, we have started again. We’re all now fully vaxxed and had our first dinner in over a year last week, and then watched Loki and Bad Batch, which makes for a fine evening indeed.

The hardest thing about it was not having Lily there. It wasn’t just our first dinner party in over a year, it was our first without Lily. Before, we’d have this big ritual: people arrived, Lily barked her head off, Wendy distracted her and played with her, Lily barked some more, and so on.

We all knew the ritual wasn’t going to happen this time and it felt weird. Last year, people came to my house and I had a dog. Now, they come over and I don’t, and even though Lily died in August, we’re only now just dealing with that part of losing her.

It’s strange and sad, but it’ll be okay. I still really like my dinner nights.

3 Responses to “Questland – one week!”

  1. Michelle Garcia Says:

    So glad you are getting to gather with friends.
    My cat,Merlin Loki, passed 3 years now. Sometimes I still read outloud to share with him. Now that is weird. He enjoyed when I talked about Kitty. My other cats not as interested. They do like Star Wars.

    Be well.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Thank you for sharing. It helps me realize that our journey since Jamie-dog left us in August is normal. We morn him again every first-time-without-him. I jumped in an icy Oslo Fjord June first just to get that first swim done.

  3. carriev Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your Jamie. It’s so hard.

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