new short story

June 10, 2021

Things are happening!

First, I’ve got a brand-new short story up at “An Easy Job” stars Graff, my space opera hedonist cyborg, whom I just love. It’s a prequel to “Sinew and Steel,” which means in this new one Graff is still operating in secrecy, which turns out to be double plus not fun in this situation. Go read!

QUESTLAND is just a couple of weeks away and the notices are rolling in. It got a great mention in 5280, Denver’s glossy lifestyle magazine. It’s really cool to be in a list of “Colorado Creatives,” and also among other kinds of books and works I don’t normally get listed with.

It’s also part of’s roundup of new fantasy novels due out in June 2021. This is great because QUESTLAND isn’t actually fantasy, even though it has a dragon and unicorn on the cover and the story sort of operates as a fantasy story. But it’s very near future and deals with the technology that would be required to make that story happen. I’ve always loved blurring the line between fantasy and science fiction, and I sort of purposefully blasted through that line with this one. I hope it confuses people.

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