latest update

May 21, 2021

You know, all week I kept thinking, “Ah, I really need to do a blog post this week, I’ll get to it tomorrow.” And now it is Friday. Well. The blog post was the thing that kept getting put off, but now here I am.

First up: Lightspeed has reprinted my story “Dead Men in Central City,” which tells about that one time Rick met Doc Holliday. I really could write a whole series of stories about Rick in the Old West. I think that would be splendid. I’ll add it to the list.

Second up: I have a new story coming up at on June 9, called “An Easy Job” and starring Graff. It’s a prequel to “Sinew and Steel.” I love writing about Graff and want to do more with him.

Too many stories to write, y’all. And this week I finished a rough draft for something completely different

It’s a nice problem to have, I think.

Here’s Eli Minaya’s illustration for “An Easy Job.”

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