writing retreat recap

March 10, 2021

Time for the report.

From Wednesday to Sunday, I wrote about 15,800 words. A reminder, my usual daily word count is about 1000. So, I did triple what I normally do, got a big chunk of a new novel started, and it felt really good.

Then I wrote zero words on the project on Monday and Tuesday. I just flamed out. That didn’t feel so good.

And this has always seemed to me to be the problem with binge writing, that it’s possible to rack up amazing word counts in a short amount of time, but it’s ultimately unsustainable. In fact, even over the course of those few days, my word count decreased from day to day. It’s just tiring.

I did learn some things about shaking up my schedule and what it takes to write 5000 words in a day — lots of planning, a detailed outline, and breaks. I got those words counts in 3-4 two hour sessions spread across the day, not all at once. I also didn’t watch any TV (except for the last episode of WandaVision) or do any crafting, and I kept Facebook off.

So rather than try to maintain that pace, I might pick a day, once a week or so, to clear the schedule and write. It might be a good way to launch a new project or wrap one up. It’s something I do already — write an entire short story draft in one sitting, or get through a big climactic set of scenes in a novel all at one. But that’s almost always by accident rather than intention. It might be worthwhile attempting big writing sessions by intention.

So yeah, still learning, still trying new things. Keep on keeping on.


One Response to “writing retreat recap”

  1. michelle garcia Says:

    Don’t forget to treat yourself to fun. I recomend Men in Kilts to relax while learning about Scotland.

    Looking forward to Questland.

    Be well.


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