Another March

March 1, 2021

It’s March. Not quite sure how that happened. There’s this pervasive sense, here in the U.S., that March 2020 never really ended. A hyperawareness that it’s exactly this time last year when everything started unraveling. Even with positive signs like vaccines being available and actually being able to contemplate unpeeling out of this, it still feels like we’re at sea and it’s still tough finding sure footing.

(Confession: Despite the continuing difficulties of it all, I feel genuine glee that even serious news outlets refer to “the Before Times.” The lasting impact of science fiction, y’all.)

I don’t have much insight beyond stating facts. It’s hard to tell what’s me hitting the pandemic wall, and what’s my usual February winter wall. Both together can’t be good, right? I’m just here waiting for spring, waiting for my turn in the vaccine queue, waiting to see what my beta reader says about the experimental novel chapters I just sent him, waiting…

Meanwhile, I saw a golden eagle on my bird walk this morning and that was nice.


2 Responses to “Another March”

  1. David Says:

    Let us hope that we will not have to teach the just born to do the tell.

  2. AKK Says:

    Facebook has been so helpful, reminding me of a post I made last March for my daughter’s first band concert in her freshman year at college. “First concert of the season” it said. Looking back now, I know it was also the last concert. For some reason that was just unutterably depressing yesterday.

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