December 29, 2020

I’m debating about doing a year-in-review post, which is always so popular right about now. But after this year… yeah. It’s a year. And it’s not over. We still have a sitting president and not-insignificant number of elected representatives actively violating their oaths to uphold the Constitution every single day and that’s not magically going to go away January 1. I’m bracing for the jump scare.

It’s been a hard year. My year hasn’t been as hard as some and despite everything I’m grateful every single day for my roof and my job and my family and friends. For birds. I’ve had a hairy woodpecker at my suet feeder for a couple of weeks now and that makes me really happy.

I’ve posted a story up at Curious Fictions: “Sidekick” originally appeared in Unfettered III, and now it’s here for all to read. It’s a superhero story. Sort of. If you feel inclined to donate to my whiskey and comic book fund, there’s a tip jar.

In other news: I’ve started watching Star Wars Clone Wars, which I’ve avoided for years but my current Star Wars immersion phase is starving and must be satisfied. I have many, many thoughts about this show. Before I post them I have to decide how much I really want to argue with people on the internet…


7 Responses to “Miscellany”

  1. David Hack Says:

    At the Walden Ponds on Saturday I had a pair of Northern Flickers let me watch them on a tree just 6 or seven feet away.

  2. I’m doing it backward, I suppose. I’m burning thru Star Wars: Rebels now and will probably go back and hit Clone Wars later.

  3. carriev Says:

    David, I LOVE Walden Ponds, so many wonderful opportunities.

    Caeric, doing it backwards has been very interesting for me. There’s a ton of crossover it turns out, but I’m getting the revelations in reverse. Rex, Hondo, the Syndulla family, the Mandalorian conflicts, are all part of Rebels and the backstory is all in Clone Wars, it turns out.

    Rebels is amazing. Clone Wars is probably necessary for people who really want the complete experience, but I’m finding it really disconcerting. There’s a predestination, an inevitability to it all. Like, we’re supposed to be pretending that the Jedi actually have a chance to win, when we know that isn’t what happens.

    So it turns out I’m following the show for Rex, the clones, and Ahsoka, who are allowed to have actual character arcs and agency and so forth.

  4. Jared Moloshok Says:

    Important to note with The Clone Wars that the first 2.5 seasons’ episodes are shown out of order. Fortunately, there’s plenty of pages out there that list them chronologically, if you’re interested.

  5. carriev Says:

    Out of order? That… might explain why recaps include things that haven’t happened yet! Way to make things even weirder!

  6. Jared Moloshok Says:

    Yep, threw me for a bit of a loop when I first watched it, starting with the movie. This list should help.

  7. Jared Moloshok Says:

    Also, the show doesn’t really hit its stride until the third season, but then keeps going strong. The Umbara arc is a particular highlight, IMO.

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