what I have been watching

December 10, 2020

The Great British Baking Show. Yes, I know, I’m late to the party on this one. What I find really soothing about it is the tent is full of a dozen+ plus people who all have different British accents. It reminds me of living in the dorm my college year abroad in York. The one thing I want to bake after watching it is pavlova. Stay tuned.

The Queen’s Gambit. Oh yes. It overturns so many tropes and is ultimately celebratory of community and competence. And visually stylish, which we all know I’m a sucker for.

The Mandalorian. A million yesses. I confess to being a bit lukewarm (no pun intended) about it during season 1 because of my ingrained suspicions of nostalgia and fan service in storytelling, and this show really knows how to push those buttons. Season 2 perhaps even more than season 1, so why am I buying into it more than I did before? Is it just because it’s pushing my specific buttons rather than generic fan buttons? Like, you want to win me over forever, Katee Sackhoff’s live-action Bo-Katan is definitely the way to do it. But also Frog Lady and her beautiful family. (Baby Yoda, stop eating other people’s babies, it’s not cool.) I’ve always loved the aliens in Star Wars and how they clearly have their own cultures and concerns that are fully integrated in the larger galaxy, and I want more, please.

But I think there’s story here, and it’s developing. The relationship between Din Djarin and Baby Yoda (yes, I know he has a name, don’t care) is becoming profound. It’s adding to Star Wars lore, and not just strip mining it. Like, asking if the Empire is still the Empire if there’s no Emperor but just scattered warlords. Asking how communities build themselves back after the war. Giving us insight into alien worlds and lives. It’s doing the thing Star Wars is really good at, which is combining aesthetics from multiple genres and making it work. So many more thoughts, I could ramble on for a long time. I’m re-watching Rebels simultaneously with this and imagining all the ways Mandalorian could just seamlessly turn into a live-action Rebels sequel. I would be totally okay with that.

What else? I feel like I watched something else but now I can’t remember what…



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