gift ideas

December 3, 2020

It’s that time of year — holiday gift giving. Last month I had the horrifying realization that I usually do a lot of my holiday shopping when I travel, looking for special unique gifts that I could never find anywhere else.

I haven’t done any traveling this year. Welp.

I’ll manage, and I’ve found some solutions. I’m especially trying to shop locally, with small businesses and independent artisans. I’ve not placed a single order with Amazon.

In the interest of spreading the joy of creative holiday shopping, would like to pass on a couple of totally self-serving gift ideas: books! If you have readers in your life, there are a ton of possibilities.

Fairwood Press is a small independent press that publishes lots of great books and authors — including me! There are still copies available of the signed, limited edition hardcover of my novella Paranormal Bromance. Lots of other books as well.

Another suggestion: magazine subscriptions. One gift, but new reading all year long. And you can support authors by supporting the places that publish their stories. Some ideas:

Lightspeed Magazine

Asimov’s Science Fiction

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction


A lot of people have pointed out that this pandemic would have looked a whole lot different twenty years ago, before a robust internet, video chatting and streaming media and all that. Add online shopping to the list.


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