all Star Wars all the time

November 30, 2020

Star Wars is my comfort viewing and I’ve been deep into it the last couple of weeks — basically since season 2 of The Mandalorian started. (Loving it! I thought both Bo-Katan and Ahsoka were perfect.) I’m on my third watch-through of Rebels. And I’ve dug out some of my old comics.

I’m having so many thoughts I could talk about, but here’s the one for today.

This is Nomi Sunrider from Tales of the Jedi, by Tom Veitch, which takes place hundreds of years before the films, basically when the Jedi Order is at the height of its power. (We come to realize that the version of Jedi Order we see in the prequel films is a shadow of its former self and nearly powerless. We can talk about that another time.) She was one of the earliest visualizations of a woman Jedi and I love her to pieces.

I particularly love this cover by Hugh Fleming, and when I first got this issue, back in the mid-90’s, I had a thought that this would make a fabulous costume. And that’s as far as I ever got thinking about that, because I didn’t even know where to start with it. I was intimidated. So I never did it.

Looking at this now? I know exactly how to make this costume. Exactly what fabric to get to make the cloak and tunic — I even have patterns already in my stash. How to do the belt and vambraces, and who to call for help in making her lightsaber hilt.

And that’s what 20 years of costuming experience has earned me. What once seemed too difficult now seems not just simple, but exciting. I’m gonna do it, guys. It may be that no one will know who I’m cosplaying, but it’ll make me happy.

If I could go back in time with one message to my younger self, it might be: have patience. You need to practice a lot to get good at things. You’ll make mistakes but that’s okay. Don’t be afraid. Just keep practicing.



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