state of the desk, again

November 20, 2020

Another update on the big pile of rough drafts I dumped on myself in August:

  • Two of the short stories have sold. The third is back to an editor after a request for a revision and I’m waiting to hear the verdict.
  • The novel is revised and with my agent.
  • The screenplay is still resting. I might be ready to look at it again soon.
  • I haven’t touched the novella yet, but that may be next on the list.

Progress, slow but noticeable.

I wrote a new short story this week. And I’ve started a new novel, but I’m doing this one a little different: it’s for fun. (I mean, they’re all for fun — I really enjoy writing things. But this one doesn’t have a deadline and I haven’t really told anyone about it and it’s outside of my usual list of things I’m working on.) I’m poking at it when I feel like it. I’m just seeing what happens. Just about everything I’ve done with it so far has been on my tablet, away from my desk, and I’m having a really good time not writing it at my desk computer. We’ll see what happens.

It’s, like, writing vacation.


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