November 9, 2020

Last week lasted ten years and I stayed off the internet for a good part of it, especially Tuesday night when everyone on social media was losing their minds.

But it was a good week, as it turns out. Biden and Harris won and it’s going to feel so good to get some sanity back. Like so many others I let out a breath I might have been holding for four years. We still have a lot of work to do — as a country we’re still on the edge. But we’ve maybe got our balance back and are no longer windmilling our arms trying not to fall over.

Also, the U.S. has elected its first woman vice president, and that still hasn’t really sunk in. Might not until January. I can’t wait.

One Response to “hurrah!”

  1. Jared Moloshok Says:

    Last week lasted ten years

    Yeah, I think 2020 in general has been the longest year of everyone’s lives.

    I’m still nervously watching the Senate races (you just know if the Republican majority remains, McConnell will see no reason not to be his usual, obstructive self), but the Presidential result was definitely a relief.

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