state of the desk

September 29, 2020

One thing that’s happened over the summer is I’ve become a lot more relaxed about the blog. Sometimes I post, sometimes I don’t, and that’s okay.

I took a Sanity Roadtrip last week, and went camping in Mesa Verde National Park. Socially distant wilderness. Tore up my foot on a long-ass hike. It was great. Pics later once I’ve had a chance to go through them (of the park, not my injured foot). I wanted to clear my head a bit, and I think it worked. It was summer when I left and full autumn when I returned, which was strange and lovely and a bit exhilarating. Time to move forward, right? Lifer bird counted:  rock wren.

You may remember back in August I did a big organizational clearing of my desk, gathered up all the rough drafts I had accumulated, and worked out a plan to get things out the door. I think losing Lily did something to my brain space and switched on a manic phase. I just had to do something, you know? I’m not questioning it, I’m just trying to go with it.

Here’s the update: The five rough drafts became six rough drafts. The two short stories are revised and out the door — one of them sold the same day I submitted it, which sure felt great. The screenplay is rewritten. It needs more work so I’ve set it aside again, but it’s in better shape than it was. I’m now working on the novel — I’ve got all the notes, have a bunch of ideas, and now I’m reading through the manuscript. Next step will be the rewrite. Then I’ll revise the sixth story, because it’s due in November.

Making a plan to get all this done has made a big difference. I may not be moving fast right now but I’m moving.


One Response to “state of the desk”

  1. Michelle Garcia Says:

    Glad you reset and relaxed. Last year I lost 2 cats. It is hard. Rest your foot.

    Be well.

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