trying something new

August 26, 2020

Trying something new on my revising/rewriting process. I just read Screenwriting is Rewriting by Jack Epps, Jr. and it gave me a ton to think about. Not just for the screenplay I’m working on, but for the novel I need to revise — I think a lot of the lessons about character and story are applicable. Highly recommend the read, especially for people with finished rough drafts that they know aren’t quite right but they’re feeling stuck on. This step is all about digging out the heart of the story and making it clear for your audience/reader. If you’ve been getting “this is nicely written but just didn’t grab me” kinds of rejections, this might be useful as well.

I’ve never used index cards or sticky notes in my process before. I brainstorm and make outlines — multiple outlines, usually. And those are effective (21 published novels, clearly I’m doing okay on this whole gig…) But I’m curious what happens if I try something different, if I can use this method — making notes in a way that can be easily rearranged and visualized — to clarify my story.

So, lets crack open some index cards and go mining for insights.


One Response to “trying something new”

  1. Michelle Garcia Says:

    Have fun doing something new!!
    Remember to take time to watch birds.
    Excited about Questland.

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