shameless self promotion post!

July 2, 2020

Happy July, everybody! Year’s halfway over! Brace for incoming second half of 2020!

A couple of things to tell you about:

A new series of anthologies:  THE DYSTOPIAN TRIPTYCH is now available! Three anthologies, with each author writing three different stories. The first, the slide into dystopia. The second, in the middle of dystopia. The third, the crawl out of dystopia. It’s a cool idea and a challenging writing project.

My trio of stories are collectively titled “We Take Care of Everything.” And I think they’re good. I think they’re horrifying. . . because they are barely, barely science fiction at all. I’m really excited to hear what people think of them.

(I swear to you, when we planned these anthologies out over a year ago we had no idea the current events situation would be so…. *waves arms wildly*. Timing is a hell of a thing.)

And next thing to tell you about:

The ebook of Kitty and The Midnight Hour is on sale right now! And it’s doing really well! So well, in fact, that on June 30, it made it to the top of one of Amazon’s Bestseller lists:  #1 in “American Horror.” This is 15 years after the novel’s original release. This makes me chortle. As we say in the bookselling business. . . this one’s got legs!


3 Responses to “shameless self promotion post!”

  1. Michelle Garcia Says:

    WOW! 15 years since Kitty and the Midnight Hour made the dark a little more friendly.
    I read it in hospital waiting room after my husband’s stroke. It helped. He’s not a reader, but I always tell him about my “stories”. He loved Kitty’s name for a werewolf. He likes Cormac and Rick.

    Can’t wait to read We take care of everything.
    Got to get rest before stocking shelves .

    Be safe and well.


  2. Michelle Garcia Says:

    Just finished reading We Take Care of Everything -all 3- WOW!! That was just wonderful.

    You have a great voice.

    Thank you.


  3. carriev Says:

    Thank you for reading! Best wishes to you and your husband!

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