The Ghosts of Sherwood – audio!

June 17, 2020

Have I mentioned that “The Ghosts of Sherwood” is available on audio? Well now I have.

I’m a bit quiet at the moment because I did that thing where I scheduled everything for the same week. I taught a (virtual) workshop on Saturday, and I spent yesterday afternoon at the (virtual) Odyssey Writing Workshop. Tomorrow, I’ll be doing an AMA at the r/books subreddit. And book release!

I know I do this because it just looks better all clustered on the calendar, like I can get all these things done at once. But I always forget that it means I spend the week being exhausted and don’t get anything else done. I just want to. . .not make any decisions for a couple of days, you know?


Hope you all are staying safe. Please continue to do so.


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