all Robin Hood all the time

June 4, 2020

First off, here’s a link to the Colorado Freedom Fund, which works to provide bail money so that people aren’t wrongfully incarcerated just because they can’t afford bail. I’ve donated, and maybe you would like to. Your state probably has a Freedom Fund, too.

Actually, now that I think about it, Freedom Funds are *entirely absolutely 100%* in keeping with the spirit of Robin Hood.

And now, this:

As you can see, I was destined to write a Robin Hood story from an early age. Whatever Prince John is selling here, I don’t think Tiny Carrie is buying. This was at Disneyworld in late 1976, which would make me just shy of 4 years old here. I think I still make that exact face when someone says something dodgy.

The Ghosts of Sherwood is out next week, and a thing I’d like you to know about it:  it’s fun. It’s light. Robin and Marian get to keep their happy ending, they love and support their children. It’s about friends and family and standing together against the world.

If you need a distraction, this might be it.  I’ve realized over the last little while that I could never write anything as dark as what’s in the world, so I’ve embraced the full escapist potential of fiction. One of the reasons The Adventures of Robin Hood is still considered the best Robin Hood is because of its joy. No matter how dark things get, Robin still has hope and still fights.

I hope I can bring some of that back to the character.


One Response to “all Robin Hood all the time”

  1. Lyn Palmer Says:

    “Ghosts” is next on my list. I’ve just stumbled across “Discord’s Apple” and am halfway through it.

    With 2020 proceeding as it has, your story is making my blood run a little cold.

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