April 27, 2020

Like lots of cosplayers and historical recreationists, I have been sewing masks. It takes me a long time to sew them, so I haven’t been making a lot. But I managed to get my whole family masked up, and now I’m making them for donation.

I haven’t had to buy new supplies to do this. It’s all from the pre-existing stash. I might finally be making a dent in it! Which feels pretty good, especially for such a good purpose. I’m making my own bias tape, which is tedious (even with the tricks I’ve been learning, and the bias-tape gadget a friend 3-D printed for me), but it’s saving me from having to order or track it down elsewhere.

I’ll probably keep making them, a few at a time, since we’ll likely be at this for awhile.

3 Responses to “masks”

  1. Jared Moloshok Says:

    My girlfriend made me 2 masks out of some red anchor-printed cloth she had. I feel like a pirate when I wear them. Not that I’m complaining… 😛

  2. Michelle Garcia Says:

    Bless you for doing this!!

  3. Timothy A Schmidt Says:

    My sister in law is making them. She had to buy 50 yards of elastic and so is giving it away to friends who sew. She has thousands of cloth squares for fabric. She’s made 2 for me but I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s made over 100 in total.

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