pandemic sitrep

April 7, 2020

We are all going to be agoraphobes and germaphobes when this is over.

Actually, I’m doing okay. I need to go to the store, partly to assure myself that I still CAN go to the store, if that makes sense. I’m finally able to settle in to this “new normal” of self-isolating and going around masked and so on, because I’m no longer dealing with the decidedly not-normal of my grandfather’s last couple of weeks.

And… I will likely finish one novel revision this week, and hopefully get started on another.

I’m lucky that work usually makes me feel better.


One Response to “pandemic sitrep”

  1. michelle garcia Says:

    Be patient with your grocery people. I know each time I go to work to stock I am also annoyed not to have basic things for people. Get enough dog food!

    I have already reread Immortal Conquistador twice 🤗 Rick is so wonderful.

    Looking forward to your Robin Hood stories.

    I really liked The Island of Beasts.

    Be well.


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