snowpocalypse part 2!

November 27, 2019

Final snow count for my area:  13″.  Just enough to shut everything down and throw a monkey wrench in the week, but not enough to be record setting or break the top count of Colorado snowfalls. (For me, that’s still Oct 1997 when I lived in Palmer Lake, which got 52″ in one storm. That was something.)

I really hope I don’t have to run to the store today. We lost a shopping day, two days before Thanksgiving. Grocery stores today are going to be a nightmare.

*stays home, sips cocoa*

One Response to “snowpocalypse part 2!”

  1. Vickie Browning Says:

    Same amount of snow here in Thornton area. Mr. B got out the snowblower for the first time in a while. Just back from the grocery store this morning and it wasn’t too bad. Nor was Tarjay. We will call it a win.

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