autumn into winter

October 24, 2019

Here on the Colorado Front Range we had a hard freeze before the leaves really got a chance to change color. They just shriveled up and fell, like that. Total bummer. Last night we had our second snow of the season, and there’s one week left in October, which means if I’m going to knit holiday presents I really ought to get started. This year dragged so slowly, until right about now, when it seems to be on a hard burn for the end.

I’ve been badly oversleeping. I need Daylight Savings to end so the sun will hit my window earlier and I’ll actually haul myself out of bed. This is part of why I can never have a real job ever again.

I’m wrapping up a big rewrite of a novel I’ve been working on off and on for years. It’s under contract, this one will actually get a release date. I’m holding off on saying the title because we’re still working on that.

I’m already thinking about what I’m working on next, and then what I’m working on after that, which is probably more than my brain can really handle and I ought to just take a nap…. Argh, this time of year….


2 Responses to “autumn into winter”

  1. David Hack Says:

    As an author, being able to set your own hours, you could institute personal daylight savings time on your own. I’m sure this would annoy friends/family, and make business contacts a problem. But it could be an interesting experiment. (Of course you would not be able to get your iPhone to play along.)

  2. Michelle Garcia Says:

    Get some rest. I feel you. Today 46° real feel36° in San Antonio, TX. Got my preorder in for Ghost of Sherwood. Loved you picture from cosplay. Looking forward to Badlands Witch


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