Dark Divide releases tomorrow!

October 9, 2019

DARK DIVIDE, an e-book novella in which Cormac and Amelia have An Adventure, is due to go live tomorrow!

There’s still time to preorder on Amazon, Nook, and Apple.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Domingo seemed hesitant to enter the cabin, so Cormac pushed past her and took a look around.

The place had a sour, musty smell that indicated the man had been dead for a few days before he’d been found. That only contributed to the unconscious creeping fear tugging at his perception. A spot of movement at the edges of his vision. He looked, but nothing living was here. There should be mice in an uninhabited cabin like this. Bugs. Birds. Anything.

As Domingo said, the pantry was stocked. A set of shelves on the back wall was filled with canned food: vegetables, tuna, pasta. A couple of cupboards likely held more. Out of curiosity, Cormac opened a drawer and found a can opener, so that wasn’t the problem. He was willing to bet the propane tank outside was full enough to run the gas stove by the wall. In another corner stood a desk covered with USGS contour maps, pens, pencils, a stack of worn notebooks, binoculars, compass.

The bed where Weber died was a basically a cot, with a thin mattress, made up with white sheets and a government-issue-looking wool blanket, a single pillow. The pillow still held a depression, a crease where a head might have lain. The blanket had been smoothed out.

He knelt, looked under the cot, and found two things: a jackknife, blade open and ready to use, but then dropped, discarded. And a piece of bone, smooth and flattened, probably part of a rib…

3 Responses to “Dark Divide releases tomorrow!”

  1. Michelle Garcia Says:

    Just finished it. What a twist. Worth the wait. I love that Amelia still wants to learn. Looking forward to next book.

  2. Thomas Stacey Says:

    Already on my Kindle app thanks to pre-order magic. I am looking forward to it and plan on reading it this weekend. So glad to see more Kitty-verse stories coming out!

  3. Timothy A Schmidt Says:

    Just read it! It reminds me why I love the Kitty Series so much

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