Newsletter and Preorder info!

September 26, 2019

Here’s your reminder that I periodically send out a newsletter, mostly letting people know about upcoming releases. You can see the new issue here, and click to subscribe if you like.

This one has all the pre-order information for all the Kitty-related novellas and such coming out over the next six months or so, in one convenient spot! Like this:

DARK DIVIDE (Cormac and Amelia #1), due out October 10.

On Kindle

On Nook

BADLANDS WITCH (Cormac and Amelia #2), due out November 12.

On Kindle

On Nook
THE IMMORTAL CONQUISTADOR, due out in March in trade paper and e-book.

Preorder from Tachyon Publications



3 Responses to “Newsletter and Preorder info!”

  1. Vickie Browning Says:


  2. Thomas Stacey Says:

    Pre-ordered! I am looking forward to being able to read more stories about Comrac and Amelia.

  3. Bryndis Says:

    Any chance they’ll be in paper form at some point?

    Which leads me to ask, how come some [well-known] authors decide to publish certain books, novella collections, etc only at e-books? I’m not talking about an obscure project/ experiment of theirs, but parts of well-established series and such, so they’d have plenty of fans already interested. Thanks for your always-thoughtful insights

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