checking in

September 16, 2019

Just checking in. Don’t really have more to say because what I really need right now is a nap. This was one of those weekends, flew out early Saturday morning, arrived at the event, did several hours of programming in a row, finally checked into the hotel and collapsed, then flew out the next day. But I did see a merganser on the Truckee River in the middle of Reno, and that was cool.

It was a good weekend, just tiring. Which might be a good time to mention that when you see your favorite author at a literary festival or convention or the like and they seem a little frazzled… it may be they’re on a tight travel schedule and they haven’t had a chance to get to the hotel yet or eat and they’re trying their best to keep it together because we really do like these events and love talking to readers about books.

So yeah. Nap and lunch. More later.


2 Responses to “checking in”

  1. David Hack Says:

    Hello, hope you had a good nap.

    I was wondering if you had seen the trailer for the new Frankenstein

  2. carriev Says:

    I have not, I’ll have to find it!

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