Cormac and Amelia return

September 5, 2019

So, I’ve been working on a couple of things:

These will be e-book novellas, and I’m planning on having them out in October and November. I’ll get pre-order links up just as soon as I have them. But since I have covers, I wanted to show them off.

I always planned to spin Cormac and Amelia off to their own series when I wrapped up the main Kitty arc. A lot of stuff intervened to keep that from happening on the timeline I envisioned — I changed agents, my editor at Tor died suddenly, etc. etc.  I have a post I want to do on “career strategy,” the advice people give on career strategy, and how every time I’ve tried to strategize my career it’s blown up in my face. Anyway.

The thing that’s always saved me is to keep writing, and I’ve done a lot of that. And I’ve finally got Cormac and Amelia off and having adventures. I’m SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY these stories are finally going to see the light.

I hope you like them.


3 Responses to “Cormac and Amelia return”

  1. mdkanner Says:

    Yes! Looking forward to the links and the start of a new series.

  2. Carbonman Says:

    When you get enough Cormac and Amelia stories written, please put them in a printed anthology. (I don’t get e-books)

  3. Timothy A Schmidt Says:

    Wonderful to see more work from the Kittyverse, one of my favorite all time series.

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