I’m back!

August 26, 2019

I arrived back from Ireland late last night and have not gotten nearly enough sleep. Am now confronted with all the things I need to do and pulling together everything at home I’ve been neglecting and going through all the emails and so on. And I have no food. So clever, eating all the food before the trip. Argh.

A couple of things before I log off to continue wallowing in the chaos:

On September 14th, I’ll be in Reno, Nevada, taking part in the Nevada Humanities Literary Crawl, along with David Anthony Durham and other great authors. That’s coming up quick…

I have now been translated into Chinese:  my story “The Lady of Shalott” appeared in Chinese SF magazine Science Fiction World this month.

I saw so much in Ireland my brain is packed full and I’m still processing.

Worldcon in Dublin was good, but I feel like I didn’t get to see and do everything I could have. It was spread out and things got crowded. But I really enjoyed meeting a bunch of readers and fans and all my programming was packed with enthusiastic people. I read from a brand-new Kitty story, which I’m provisionally calling “Kitty Walks on By, Calls Your Name,” but I’m expecting the have to change it. We’ll see. It’s about Kitty going to her 10-year high school reunion. It’ll be out next year.

And now, back to the email mines…


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