The Space Between Us

July 25, 2019

The Space Between Us:  I was aware of this film when it came out because once again, it vaguely resembles the plot of one of my recent novels, Martians Abroad, i.e. kid born on Mars comes to Earth, chaos ensues. (Like with Voices of Dragons and How to Train Your Dragon, which came out around the same time and are both about a world where humans and dragons don’t get along and then one young human meets a dragon and learns to ride him… seriously, this stuff will drive you nuts if you let it.)

I never got around to watching it because there wasn’t any real buzz about it and too many other things were going on. Stuff, you know.

So I tried watching it.  I turned it off after ten minutes, when the mother dies in childbirth. The mother who is the only woman on this historic mission to Mars and who nobody calls by her title which is “mission commander” but everyone just calls her “miss,” and then it turns out she gets knocked up by accident, because I guess women don’t know how to prevent pregnancy in the near future or something, and I guess the flight surgeons on a very important historic space mission wouldn’t bother to actually give her a medical exam right before the mission, and then Hollywood still thinks the most interesting mother is a dead one. Because it gives the main character angst, don’t you know.

I turned it off. Everything in this was just so dumb. Then I lay in bed trying to fall and sleep and thought, And I bet it turns out that the obnoxious space genius tech guru played by Gary Oldman is the father.

So this morning I read the wikipedia synopsis, and I’m right, he is the father, and the kid comes to Earth to look for him, because the only thing more interesting than a dead mother is a kid looking for his father. And the rest of the movie appears to continue to be really dumb.

I’m so proud of myself for actually turning off a movie when it was clear what direction we were going. Saved two hours there.

Instead, I watched The Last Starfighter for the twenty millionth time , and this time what made me really happy is how supportive everyone is of Alex. Maggie never gets mad at him for playing the Starfighter game. All the people in the trailer park actually want him to leave and do great things. They may not understand the game but they’re all really excited when he beats the record.

It’s just so nice, you know?


One Response to “The Space Between Us”

  1. The Last Starfighter was definitely a better use of your time. I’m also a big fan of screenwriter other 80’s classic (well, it’s classic to me), My Science Project.

    And now it looks like a Starfighter sequel *may* be happening…

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