a couple of quick links

July 1, 2019

It’s a Monday, it’s July. June turned chaotic for both planned and unplanned reasons, and the chaos is continuing. Some of those deadlines I was so happy to sign up for are coming due, so it’s time to put my head down and git ‘er done.

I’ve got a new story up on Curious Fictions:  “Gamma Ray vs. Death” , which is about how superheroes always come back. It originally appeared in the anthology Better Off Undead. As always, if you feel like buying my next cup of coffee, there’s a tip jar/subscription button.

This month’s issue of Lightspeed has my review of Tolkien, which is a fine enough film but fraught with meta-questions.


One Response to “a couple of quick links”

  1. sarah peterson Says:

    hi carrie, happy july!

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